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    Travis Kelce Net Worth 2024, Brand Endorsements, Girlfriend, House, And More

    Name Travis Kelce
    Age 33 years
    Occupation NFL player
    Source Of Income Sports
    Net Worth $50 Million
    Residence Kansas City

    Travis Kelce has been an active sports personality for a decade now. He started playing professional football in 2013 after getting picked by the Kansas City Chiefs. However, he has been actively playing football since 2009 after being locked in for the Bearcats football team at the University of Cincinnati in 2008.

    During his stint at college football, Travis Kelce recorded 722 yards and 45 receptions between 2009 and 2011. After getting picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round in 2013, Travis Kelce had 67 receptions and five throwdowns in 2014. The tight end did not play for the first year due to a knee injury. After playing for a decade for the Kansas City Chiefs, he is deemed to be one of the best tight ends in the NFL’s history. Due to his popularity, Travis has been able to sign impressive endorsement deals, start an organization, and date some beautiful women.

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    Travis Kelce’s Net Worth

    Travis Kelce has a net worth of $3 million
    Travis Kelce has a net worth of $3 million

    As per Celebrity Net Worth, Travis Kelce has a net worth of $50 million. When Travis Kelce was signed to the Kansas City Chiefs, he had a $3.12 million deal for four years. Due to his improving average and performance, the team signed an extension deal worth $46 million with him for five more years.

    Travis Kelce has also signed deals with different ventures. He has signed a deal with Nike. Kelce’s deal was extended to the Kansas City Chiefs during the LVII Super Bowl, as the brand sponsored the jerseys during the game. Due to its branding, the shoe giant became one of the most visible brands during that year’s game. He has launched his cereal brand called ‘Kelce Cereal.’ Travis founded a charity organization called ’87 & Running’.

    Travis Kelce’s Early Life And Career

    Travis Kelce in the early days playing for Kansas City Chiefs
    Travis Kelce in the early days playing for Kansas City Chiefs

    Travis Kelce was born on October 5, 1989, in Westlake, Ohio. He was born to a steel entrepreneur, Ed Kelce. Travis’ father was also a football fanatic and played ball in his college days. Due to his knee injury and Crohn’s disease, he could not join the military or navy. However, he instilled the football craze in both of his sons, Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce.

    Travis attended Cleveland Heights High School, where he excelled in football as a quarterback. After graduating from high school, Travis joined the University of Cincinnati’s football team along with Jason in 2009. However, he was suspended for a failed drug test. But he bounced back the next year with 722 receiving yards.

    In 2013, during the third round of the Kansas City Chiefs draft, Travis Kelce was picked. Travis has helped the team win two Super Bowls. In 2019, after the AFC Championship, the Kansas City Chiefs qualified for the Super Bowl LIV. They defeated San Francisco’s 49ers 31-20. In 2023, for the first time in history, during the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles, two brothers played on the opposing team, and the Chiefs won the game 38-35.

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    Travis Kelce’s Philanthropy Work

    Travis Kelce for '87 & Running'
    Travis Kelce for ’87 & Running’

    In 2015, Travis Kelce started an organization called ’87 & Running’. Travis started the organization due to the imbalances that he experienced secondhand in his childhood. He grew up in a neighborhood with diverse social, economic, religious, and cultural affinities. So, some children did not have holistic growth. The goal of the organization is to provide resources and mentorship to students to improve their life and professional skills.

    In 2021, Travis Kelce’s ’87 & Running’ won the sixth-annual Nationwide Charity Challenge organized by the NFL. The football organization pushed the hashtag #WPMOYChallenge. Travis and the Los Angeles Chargers’ Isaac Rochell, who has ‘The Do Good Foundation, were competing for the $25,000 prize. Finally, Kelce won the challenge and contributed $25,000 to the charity.

    Brand Endorsements

    Travis Kelce for Nike
    Travis Kelce for Nike

    Travis Kelce has garnered a lot of popularity since he was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs. Due to this, many brands have roped in the Chiefs’ tight end for endorsements.

    One of Kelce’s biggest collaborations was with Nike to launch six new Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage designs. The designs were inspired by various aspects of Travis’ life, including his high school days and his charity organization. It was a part of Nike’s ‘By You’ collection.

    In 2022, in collaboration with Hy-Vee Inc., Travis Kelce and his organization, ’87 & Running’ launched their exclusive cereals called ‘Kelce Krunch’. He made it available across the stores in Kansas City to raise funds for ’87 & Running’. He also appeared in a McDonald’s advertisement along with Kim Kardashian for a mix-and-match offer. He also collaborated with Hilo Nutrition for their Hilo gummies. Travis said that the gummies help him feel stronger throughout his games and workouts.

    Travis Kelce’s Girlfriend

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are dating
    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are dating

    Travis Kelce’s personal life remained under wraps until his 2016 show ‘Catching Kelce’, where women participated to become Travis’ girlfriend. During the show, Maya Benberry won, and the two dated for a brief period of time.

    But, like the show, Travis and Maya’s relationship ended. Benberry, in a video, said, “There’s no love lost. We’re still good friends.” She continued, “It was great having a boyfriend, somebody I really was into, somebody my parents like. It was an amazing experience.”

    After the breakup, in 2017, Travis Kelce started dating sports reporter and model Kayla Nicole. Apart from journalism, she is a model who walked for a show at New York Fashion Week and modeled for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty. Nevertheless, the two broke up after dating for five years. Recently, he made it official that Taylor Swift and he were dating during a game on September 24, 2023.


    Travis Kelce's penthouse in Kansas City
    Travis Kelce’s penthouse in Kansas City

    Travis Kelce owns two sprawling properties. The first one is in Briarcliff West Community in New York. He bought the property in 2019. The property is almost four decades old. It was renovated in 2007 with new lights and travertine flooring.

    Travis bought the house for $995,000. It is a seven-bedroom property spread across an area of 10,000 sq. ft. The property has a swimming pool and a gazebo, and it is a perfect place to unwind after a grueling match.

    Another casa owned by Travis Kelce is in Kansas City. Located in the Power and Light District, Travis pays $3,400 rent per month to enjoy the amenities in this 25-story high-rise condo. The building has amenities like free Wi-Fi, swimming pools, a lounge theater, and much more. Kelce has been living in the high-rise since 2018.

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