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    Travis Kelce’s Heart Gesture During Chiefs Vs Bills Game Was Not For Taylor Swift: Here’s What He Said

    Travis Kelce’s team won the last Chiefs vs Bills game with Taylor Swift cheering for him in the audience. His fans put on a celebratory show as his brother Jason Kelce danced with his shirt off. Though it was a great day for Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift faced some backlash as the Buffalo Bills fans at the stadium booed her while she was entering.

    Meanwhile, a supposedly heartwarming gesture by Kelce after his touchdown melted several hearts. The Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end gestured a heart in the direction where his girlfriend Taylor was sitting in the audience. The “heart hand” gesture is often associated with Swift as she has used it in several of her concerts. But turns out, it wasn’t for Taylor Swift at all!

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    Travis Kelce Said He Gestured The Heart At His Opponent’s Fans Amid “A Lot Of Hate”

    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)
    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)

    Though the videos and photos of Travis Kelce gesturing a heart symbol at Taylor Swift are viral on social media, the football player has asserted that it was not for her. Speaking on the latest episode of his podcast ‘New Heights’, Kelce said that the love-filled gesture wasn’t for Swift but was directed at the opposing fans.

    There was a lot of hate pulling up to that stadium, man, understandable hate. It’s a football game,” Kelce said on Wednesday’s episode of his podcast. “Did it get a little disrespectful? One thousand percent. Did it get a little extra? One thousand percent,” he said, recalling how the audience at the match got a tad bit aggressive during the game.

    Some things were said about the families, some pretty inappropriate things were said about Pat Mahomes,” Kelce continued. “I get it, I get it, coming into a hostile environment, I respect it. I just wanted to make sure they knew it wasn’t mutual. I don’t hate you guys like you hate us. It’s all love, baby,” he said.

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    Taylor Swift Was Booed By Buffalo Bills Fans Before The Match

    Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)
    Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)

    Kelce’s rather unexpected gesture came right after he scored his first touchdown that confirmed the Chiefs’ eventual 27-24 victory. With Swift seated in the audience, many presumed it was for her — especially because the singer had made it her signature move during her Eras Tour. But turns out, that the unnecessary aggression during the match made him do it.

    Before the game started, many of the Buffalo Bills fans were seen aggressively booing at Taylor Swift as she made her way to the VIP seating. Though the singer avoided it, her fans were quick to react on social media. Many praised her for the way she handled the trolling, while some others asserted that the trollers should have known she doesn’t “give a damn”.

    Taylor was watching the match with Travis Kelce’s brother Jason Kelce, who stole the spotlight by taking off his shirt and dancing to celebrate the win. He also later joined the Bills fans for a beer-chugging session.

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