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    “God That’s Lame”: First Look At The New Whip Saber In ‘The Acolyte’ Divides Star Wars Fans

    Star Wars: The Acolyte is a brand new Disney+ series based on the franchise George Lucas made. It is set about centuries before the incident of ‘Phantom Menace’ and will explore the Jed-Sith conflict in a new way.

    In the latest clip of ‘The Acolyte’, a Jedi can be seen wielding a lightsaber with a quite unfamiliar design, a lightsaber whip. Fans have not seen any weapon like this in the ‘Star Wars’ universe. Thus social media is exactly what everyone expected, chaos.

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    Star Wars Live-Action Fans Outrage On Addition Of Lightsaber Whip In The Acolyte’

    Lightsaber Whip in 'The Acolyte' clip
    Lightsaber Whip in ‘The Acolyte’ clip (Image via Disney+)

    The lightsaber is one of the iconic weapons in the sci-fi genre. With the combats and cool duels, everyone just respects lightsabers. Thus when they saw a lightsaber whip in the new clip of ‘The Acolyte’, it just put them off.

    Many claimed Disney is at it again to ruin the ‘Star Wars’ universe. They said a lightsaber whip doesn’t even make sense. Here are some comments,

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    Sensible Star Wars Stans Fights Live Action Fans And Reveals Existence Of Lightsaber Whip

    Lightswhip (Image via Star Wars Comics)

    Lightsaber Whips which are referred to as Lightwhips already exist in the ‘Star Wars’ universe and aren’t being introduced for the first time by Disney. It first appeared in the ‘Legends Marvel Star Wars’ comics. In light whips, the plasma blades in flexible containment shields. Thus, it requires more skills to master this weapon.

    Hardcore ‘Star Wars’ fans then replied to the people outraging at ‘The Acolyte’ about the new weapon with proper proof about lightwhips existence and said stop blaming Disney for this. One fan posted the poster of the ‘Star Wars Jedi Apprentice: Deadly Hunter’ comic which featured the lightwhip. Many called all the outraging fans “crybabies” for just commenting without researching before.

    Lightwhips will finally make its live-action debut with ‘The Acolyte’. It will be yet another different variant of lightsaber after Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber, Mandalorian’s Darksaber, Kylo Ren’s different red lightsaber, etc.

    However, lightwhips will be the unique weapon to be wielded by Jedis. It will be interesting to see how the combat scenes will look with lightwhips. ‘The Acolyte’ will hit Disney+ on June 4.

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