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    “I Am The Chosen One”: New Fan Edit Shows Anakin Destroying Palpatine In ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

    The Skywalker saga may have concluded with ‘The Rise of Skywalker,’ but the galaxy far, far away continues to ignite imaginations. LioZ, a dedicated Star Wars fan has taken it upon themselves to rewrite the final act of Episode IX with their fan edit, titled “Anakin vs. Palpatine – Star-Wars: Episode IX [Alternate Ending].” 

    This audacious edit offers an alternative take on a pivotal moment in Star Wars history. The alternate ending edit serves as a reminder of the vast potential storytelling opportunities within the Star Wars universe.  

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    LioZ’s Fan Edit Reimagines ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Finale

    Anakin and Palpatine
    Anakin and Palpatine

    LioZ’s edit throws a curveball at fans from the very beginning. In the theatrical release of ‘The Rise of Skywalker,’ Rey confronts the resurrected Emperor Palpatine in a brutal duel. However, the edit throws a surprise twist. As Rey stands defiant against Palpatine, a spectral form materializes – Anakin Skywalker, lightsaber ignited and ready for battle.

    The duel between Anakin and Palpatine is a sight to behold. The edit masterfully blends footage from the prequels and Episode IX to create a visually stunning fight sequence.  More importantly, this battle carries immense emotional weight. 

    It allows Anakin, the prophesied “Chosen One,” to finally confront the Sith Lord who manipulated him throughout his life. Additionally, witnessing Anakin, redeemed as a Force ghost, take on Palpatine provides a sense of closure for fans who felt his redemption arc remained incomplete.

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    The Fan Edit Explores Themes Of Legacy and Forgiveness

    Anakin in a still from the Fan’s edit

    LioZ’s edit transcends the thrill of a lightsaber duel. By having Anakin face Palpatine, it delves deeper into the themes of legacy and forgiveness that permeate the Star Wars saga. Anakin’s presence underscores the enduring legacy of the Skywalker family. The sins of the father are not necessarily the burdens of the daughter, as Rey stands alongside Anakin, united against a common enemy. 

    This rewrites the dynamic between Rey and Palpatine, shifting the focus to the Skywalker bloodline’s ultimate confrontation with the darkness. LioZ’s ‘ANAkin vs. Palpatine’s edit is a testament to the power of fan edits and the dedication of the Star Wars fanbase.  

    It demonstrates the desire of some fans to see certain characters or plot points explored further. While not an official product of Lucasfilm, the edit has sparked lively discussions and reignited the imaginations of Star Wars enthusiasts.

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