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    How To Connect WhatsApp Via Proxy Servers?

    All of us are fascinated with technology, trying our best to keep in touch with technological developments. It has become essential to the way we communicate. An infinite number of applications have simplified the art of correspondence. One such popular messaging app is WhatsApp

    Technology gives, but it also takes away. Every application goes through a period of bugs and other issues, leaving us to work our way around the problem. It can drive one mad to be denied access because of complex technical issues, but with Proxy Servers, there’s finally a solution to fix your WhatsApp. 

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    What Are The Services Provided by WhatsApp?

    Founders Brina Acton and Jan Koum

    WhatsApp is an internationally available freeware, cross-platform, centralized instant messaging and voice-over-IP service owned by the American company Meta Platforms.

    Founded by former Yahoo! employees Brina Acton and Jan Koum, it allows users to send text and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, and user locations.

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    How To Connect WhatsApp Via Proxy Servers?

    Connection Via Proxy Servers is Safe

    Since its inception, WhatsApp has emerged as a popular messaging application in more than 150 countries. However, due to certain countries like Iran curtailing their citizens’ right to communication, it can be hard to connect to WhatsApp. But this is no longer the case.

    WhatsApp is opening its door to connecting via Proxy Servers to tackle the problem. Will Cathcart, Head of WhatsApp, has declared that WhatsApp can now be connected via Proxy Servers so that more and more people can access freedom of speech and communication.

    The objective of a Proxy Server is to connect to WhatsApp through servers set up by volunteers and organizations around the world dedicated to helping people communicate freely. The organization has assured everyone that connecting via proxy maintains the high level of privacy and security that WhatsApp provides.

    The feature is now available n the settings menu for everyone running the latest version of WhatsApp.

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