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    Why Is Elon Musk Accused Of Cheating The Former Employees Over Severance Pay?

    The radical decisions to revitalize Twitter are now seeming bleak day by day! Elon Musk made many promises and executed them, but those proved more complex than easier as they seemed in those tweets. The billionaire completed Twitter in October 2022 after a stormy journey following the final acquisition. After becoming the new CEO, he started implementing his vision, but the takeover proved a financial disaster.

    The advertisers started pulling out the advertisements from the platform causing heavy revenue loss. So, Elon started to start firing the employees due to a $1 million loss every day. He reduced more than half of the employee headcount globally. But, the saga perpetuated and there was an instance when employees voluntarily walked out after an ultimatum to the workers. However, the workers filed several class-action lawsuits due to no prior notice of any mass layoffs. Now, the attorney representing them has accused Elon of deceiving the former employees over severance pay.

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    Shannon Liss-Riordan Alleged That Elon Musk Did Offer The Promised Severance Pay

    Shannon Liss-Riordan, the attorney criticized Elon Musk
    Shannon Liss-Riordan, the attorney criticized Elon Musk

    In November 2022, Elon Musk gave an ultimatum to the remaining employees that they should work “hardcore” or they can leave. He promised to provide three months’ severance to the employees. Musk gave a deadline to the employees. But, the employees, in an exodus, left the company accepting the severance pay offer. When he laid off the first large batch of employees, they retaliated by filing a class-action lawsuit. The former employees accused the billionaire of not providing any prior notice before the mass layoff.

    In the Worker Readjustment and Retraining Notification Act, the employees had to be informed two months before getting fired. But, Musk informed them a day before the layoffs. He sent the contracts to the employees providing them with one month of severance pay for dropping the lawsuits. However, the employees were not happy with the pay that he offered. On January 9th, 2023, in response to the offer, Shannon Liss-Riordan filed 100 more demands for arbitration.

    In a statement, she said, “Now that the severance agreements have been sent to employees, Elon Musk has proven us correct: Twitter is in fact trying to shortchange employees and break promises”. She alleged that the employees were assured more than what was offered. Shannon claims that the lawsuits are much more expensive than the severance pay that he promised earlier. “Musk’s decision to fleece Twitter workers isn’t just shameful – it’s also going to be very costly. These claims will be extraordinarily expensive and time-consuming for Twitter to defend.”

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    The Female Employees At Twitter Alleged Discrimination During The Mass Layoffs

    Elon Musk is accused of discrimination against female Twitter employees
    Elon Musk is accused of discrimination against female Twitter employees

    In 2020, Twitter released its Diversity and Inclusion Report. In the report, they envisioned employing 50% of women in their workforce by 2025. But, the former Twitter employees Carolina Bernal Strifling and Willow Wren Turkal accused Musk of discrimination. They filed a class-action lawsuit claiming that 57% of women were fired against 47% of male employees sacked. In the Engineering department, 48% of men were sacked in comparison to 63% of women.

    When she filed a class-action lawsuit on November 3rd, 2022, Shannon started, “We filed this lawsuit tonight in an attempt to make sure that employees are aware that they should not sign away their rights and that they have an avenue for pursuing their rights. We will now see if he is going to continue to thumb his nose at the laws of this country that protect employees. It appears that he’s repeating the same playbook of what he did at Tesla”.

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