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    Is Prince Harry Still A Part Of The Invictus Games?

    It has been a turbulent time for the Royal Family for a very long time. The lives of the British royals have become dinner-table conversations and gossip for the common people. The media has been a constant negative aspect of their lives. Things blew out of proportion when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the Royal Family in 2020 and shifted their bases to the USA to start afresh with their children losing many immunities and titles after leaving the Royals. The younger son of Princess Diana has participated in launching many initiatives, programs, and non-profit organizations.

    When he left the Royal Family and titles behind, he also lost many privileges and names from certain initiatives. Harry along with his wife Meghan Markle could not travel on the behalf of the monarch, receive any money from the ‘Sovereign Grant’, or strip off the military titles. But, one of the most successful initiatives of Prince Harry has been the Invictus Games. After severing ties, will he be still a part of the Games which he started with royal patronage?

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    Will Prince Harry Be A Patron After The Royal Family Exit?

    Prince Harry at the Invictus Games
    Prince Harry at the Invictus Games

    In 2014, the Duke of Sussex initiated games and activities for former military veterans who are injured, handicapped, or sick. The ‘Invictus Games’ derived its name from William Ernest’s poem titled ‘Invictus’. It means ‘unconquered’ in Latin. Prince Harry got the inspiration for the games when he attended the 2013’s U.S. Warrior Games. Harry has served in the armed forces as a pilot in Afghanistan.

    The motive was to bring forth zeal and the perseverance of these wounded soldiers who served the countries to protect them. He inaugurated the games in 2014 in London. The ‘Invictus Games’ were held in the Netherlands in 2022 from April 16th, 2022 to April 22nd, 2022 after two years’ haiatus.  Prince Harry attended the event without the leverage of the Royal Family for the first time.

    He attended the event in a private capacity. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lost the titles and privileges that they had when they left the Royal Family. This included his title as the Captain General of the Royal Marines and Meghan was no more the patron of the National Theatre. So, did it also include Harry’s ‘Invictus Games’ patronage? No. Prince Harry will still be the founder and patron of the games that he started. The only difference is that he will not have royal patronage, but he will be a private patron.

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    The Invictus Games Foundation Is “Proud” To Have Him As A Patron

    Prince Harry and Dominic Reid
    Prince Harry and Dominic Reid

    Along with the title of Duke of Sussex, he has retained the role of the patron of the Invictus Games and its foundation. The Invictus Game Foundation is like the board of the games which takes important decisions regarding the games and has aim to continue and promote the impact of the games. However, after their announcement to step down as royal officials, the CEO of the foundation, Dominic Reid announced that Prince Harry will continue to be a part of it.

    The statement read, “We are proud to have The Duke of Sussex as our patron. The Invictus Games was founded by him, it has been built on his ideas and he remains fully committed to both the Games and to the Invictus Games Foundation”.

    He continued, “His military service and experience, combined with his genuine compassion and understanding for those who serve their countries has raised awareness of wounded, injured and sick service personnel and the role they continue to play in society”.

    Dominic added, “His work has had an extraordinary impact on the way in which disability, service, and mental health is viewed around the world. And he has been instrumental in changing the lives of many”.

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