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    “It Was A Heck Of A Shock”: Kate Middleton Had A ‘Tight’ Circle Hiding Her Cancer News

    Over the past few months, Kate Middleton has been making headlines following her health report and the internet’s crazy theories about her whereabouts, most particularly, after she was out of the public eye for a long eye. To dodge it all, the Princess of Wales came out with an official announcement, giving fans an update and an explanation, revealing details of her cancer diagnosis.

    It has also come to the media and general public’s attention that the Royal Family was able to keep her cancer a secret, a decision that was perhaps changed, seeing how people’s speculations rose. Here’s how Kate Middleton managed to keep her cancer a secret; and why only a selective number of people were let in on the news.

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    Kate Middleton Kept Her Cancer A Secret Even From Her Closest Friends

    Kate Middleton
    Kate Middleton

    According to reports, details about Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis were kept a secret from everyone. Even her close circle of friends. “It was a heck of a shock,” one of her close friends revealed, while another said, “The circle of knowledge was very tight.”

    Guesses are that the reason behind the Princess keeping things private might have a lot to do with a possible press leak, in case the information landed with the wrong person. After her announcement, many inside sources have come out to comment on her health as of now.

    “She has the inner strength, the support of her husband and her extraordinary family, so she can focus on what’s important, which is her getting back to strength,” said Ailsa Anderson, a former spokeswoman for Queen Elizabeth.

    Another source added, “[The royal family] is vulnerable at the moment, and there will be an even greater appreciation that they are human beings with frailties like the rest of us. They are so dedicated to their roles. I think you will find when Kate makes a full recovery, she will come back even more passionate.”

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    More Speculations Surrounding Kate Middleton’s Cancer News

    Kate Middleton (Credits: TMZ)
    Kate Middleton (Credits: TMZ)

    Though she has now been public about the reason behind her disappearance, speculations and concerns regarding her condition continues to float. While many have believed the cancer story, a selected few were still of the opinion that Middleton might not be safe.

    This concern is further explained by fans finding a few faults and signs that her cancer announcement video might be Ai generated, leading there to be more debates on her absence, and a general public that is now increasingly concerned about the Princess of Wales.

    While there has not been any official statement from the Palace following her announcement, media outlets are waiting for an update on her health.

    Till then, ‘Where Is Kate Middleton’ seems to be the #1 question of the general public.

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