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    The Coronation Outfits Of King Charles III Explained

    On May 6, 2023, King Charles III was ceremoniously crowned as the monarch of Britain. In September 2022, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, he became the rightful heir to the throne. The Ascension Council proclaimed Charles as the monarch in September 2022. The entire nation’s eyes were on the coronation ceremony that took place at Westminster Abbey.

    Every member of the royal family brought their A-fashion game. However, there were some customs and traditions that were mandatory for the monarch to follow. The coronation ceremony began with a procession of 200 members of the armed forces, and it reached the venue where the traditional coronation ceremonies, including the anointing, oath-taking, and investiture, took place. Charles donned all the traditional outfits that the previous monarchs wore during the coronation ceremonies.

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    The Colobium Sindonis Had A Sentimental Value For King Charles III

    King Charles III while entering the Westminster Abbey
    King Charles III while entering the Westminster Abbey

    When the procession left Buckingham Palace for Westminster Abbey, King Charles III wore his military uniform instead of breeches and stockings. But when the coronation ceremony began, he adorned four beautiful robes, each with its own importance. When he entered the ceremony venue at the inception of the service, he wore a crimson surcoat with lining and gold lace, which George VI wore. It is preserved by the Royal School of Needlework.

    During the anointment ceremony, he wore Colobium Sindonis, a shroud-like white linen tunic held by a single button. It holds sentimental value for the monarch because his grandfather, George VI, wore it during his coronation ceremony. When the investiture ceremony began, the monarch wore a long, gold, silk Byzantine-inspired coat called ‘Supertunica’  under the Imperial mantle. The final robe that he wore was the Robe Royal, the most ancient of all robes worn by King George IV for the investiture ceremony.

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    The Monarch Wore The Robe Of Estate During The Departure

    King Charles III in the robe of estate
    King Charles III in the robe of estate

    King Charles III accessorized the coronation outfit with the Sword Belt or also known as the Girdle. The Coronation Sword Belt is worn around the Supertunica with the bejeweled Sword of Offering clasped at the monarch’s waist. Charles wanted a sustainable coronation ceremony, so instead of making a new belt, he wore the one that George VI had worn during his coronation.

    Along with the belt, he wore a very intricately embroidered glove or gauntlet. It is made out of white leather with gold embroidery on it. It also has the national emblem depicting the Tudor Rose, acorns, thistle, oak leaves, and shamrock. While departing from the venue, King Charles III changed into the Robe of Estate, a purple, silk velvet robe with intricate gold embroidery that was last worn by his grandfather, King George VI, in 1937.

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