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    Top 10 Most Shocking British Royal Family Scandals

    Even before its release, Prince Harry’s tell-all ‘Spare’ spread like wildfire. People flocked to it because of the dirt it had on the royal family members. Whether or not there are factual errors in it, people are always interested in shocking scandals occurring in the lives of the British royal family.

    The British royal family represents the highest family ideals and dignity. However, they are far from the perfect representation of these values. There has been more than one occasion when the royal family shocked the nation with their transgressions and misdeeds. Here are the most talked about biggest family scandals in the Royal Family.

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    1. King Edward VIII Married A Divorced Woman

    Wallis Simpson and Edward

    In 1936, he took the throne but soon renounced it. He had fallen and fallen hard for an American socialite Wallis Simpson. Wallis was going through a divorce, so we imagine this didn’t go well with the Church when King Edward proposed to her for marriage. Ultimately, he gave his throne for love and lived with Wallis till his death in 1972.

    2. Princess Margaret And Captain Peter Townsend

    Margaret and Peter

    They spent much time in each other’s proximity, eventually falling in love. Townsend, who was married, divorced his then-wife to be with Margaret. But the Church frowned upon divorce, and sadly the engagement was called off in 1955.

    3. Margaret Married Anthony Armstrong Jones

    Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones

    She found love again with the photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones. However, there was soon trouble in paradise, with both unable to live with each other. A divorce finally happened in 1978 after two years of separation, and Princess Margaret became the first member of the British royal family to be divorced.

    4. Princess Diana And James Gilbey

    Diana and James Gilbey

    Media outlets produced conversation transcripts between Princess Diana and a man named James Gilbey. Gilbey, Diana’s alleged lover, confessed his love for Diana and addressed her “Squidgy” 53 times. Still married to Prince Charles, she pleaded her case to the media. She confirmed the conversation did happen, but it wasn’t amorous.

    5. Prince Charles And Camilla Parker Bowles

    Charles and Camilla

    Even before their marriage, Charles and Camilla have been close friends. According to some, they were too close to be friends. It all proved true when a transcript of their conversation was made public, leading to Charles leaving Diana.

    6. Princess Diana’s Infamous Television Interview

    Diana’s bombshell interview with Martin Bashir

    Eager to tell her side of the story, Diana sat down with Martin Bashir for what turned out to be an explosive interview. She talked about her struggles with postpartum depression, constantly being in the public eye, and confessing her infidelity. When asked about Camilla, she famously shot back with, “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”

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    7. Princess Anne Married A Royal Staff Member

    Ann and Timothy

    She was in an unhappy marriage with Mark Phillips for a long time. The public soon discovered Anne’s involvement with Naval officer Timothy Laurence. They communicated through vivid, sexually charged letters. Soon, they were together and remained so till day.

    8. Sarah Ferguson’s “Toe-Licking” Incident

    Sarah and John

    Paparazzi snapped a picture of Sarah Ferguson having her toe licked by John Bryan, her financial advisor. Soo, she and Prince Andrew called it quits for good in 1996 after four years of separation. Always a magnet to controversies, her life fell apart when she was caught in a bribery scandal.

    9. Prince Andrew’s Friendship With Jeffrey Epstein

    Andrew pictured with Virginia Roberts

    The relationship with Epstein caused him a great deal of trouble. He was close friends with Jererrey Epstein, who was awaiting trial for sex-trafficking charges. Allegedly, he tried to procure a 17-old Virginia Roberts for Prince Andrews to have sex with. This is not the first time he has been accused of sexual assault. Andrews has denied the claims but reportedly has been asked to vacate his suite by King Charles III.

    10. Prince Harry’s Autobiography ‘Spare’

    ‘Spare’ has erupted into a massive

    There’s a new Royal scandal for every decade, this belonging to Prince Harry’s ‘Spare.’ Prince Harry reveals various jaw-dropping facts about his upbringing, going into excruciating detail about losing his virginity, estrangement from his family, being mauled by his brother William, his stint with drugs, and the narrative about his wife, Meghan Markle. Above all, he talks about his late mother, Princess Diana.

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