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    Who Is Cory Vitiello, Ex-Boyfriend Of Meghan Markle Before Prince Harry?

    Currently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have taken over the Netflix space with their explosive docuseries ‘Harry & Meghan’. The two-part docuseries explores the lives that the couple led during their stay at the Royal Family. The scrutiny, scandals, and constant media intrusion affected and strained their relations with the Royals. In 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex excited the Royal Family to start their separate lives in the USA resigning from their royal duties.

    But, the docu series also explores intimately the relationship that the two share. Meghan and Harry met in 2016 when a high-profile mutual friend set them up for a blind date. But, the two hit it off quickly together. Their relationship progressed with times when Markle started to attend Royal functions and events, and finally, in 2018, the two tied the knot. But, prior to Prince Harry, Meghan was in a serious relationship with a Canadian chef, Cory Vitiello. So, who is Cory Vitiello? And how did the two meet? Let’s find out!

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    Who Is Cory Vitiello? When Did Meghan Markle Date Him?

    Cory Vitiello and Meghan Markle
    Cory Vitiello and Meghan Markle

    Meghan Markle became Prince Harry’s lawfully wedded wife, and the first divorcée in the Royal Family. Prior to meeting Prince Harry, Markle was married to Hollywood Producer Trevor Engleson in 2011 in Ocho Rios with close family and friends. But, the marriage lasted for merely two years after that, the couple got divorced. The reason for divorce was long distance due to Meghan’s filming commitments making her stay in Toronto, Canada. The two parted ways in 2013.

    But, while she was shooting in Canada, the Duchess fell in love with an Italian chef Cory Vitiello. Cory is a renowned name in the culinary business, who currently works at Cactus Club Café, a chain of restaurants. He has been gravitated to culinary arts since a young age. Due to his passion for cooking and love for food, he enrolled at Stratford Chefs School in Ontario. In 2003, Vitiello was a trainee at Cecconi’s in Australia. He later on worked at the Drake Hotel in Canada. Cory opened his own restaurants namely THR & Co., Harbord Room, and Flock.

    It was one of Cory’s restaurants that sparked romance between Meghan and him. In 2014, according to DailyMail, it was one of Meghan’s reviews for the Harbord Room that led to the blossom. She wrote the review for the restaurant in one of her blogs on her lifestyle website, which is now shut, The Tig. Since then, the relationship blossomed and it had the parents’ stamp of approval as well. She even spent the 2015 Christmas with his family, and the mother was gushing over the actress.

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    What Led To Their Break Up?

    Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Cory Vitiello
    Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Cory Vitiello

    Cory’s mother grew fond of Meghan Markle. She told The Sun, “She was very interested in being with the people she was with. She has a good sense of humor, and very personable”. During an interview with Daily Mail, in 2018, Mrs.Vitiello added, “She is a lovely, lovely woman. Very smart, very bright, and caring. She’s a warm personality, very sincere. We very much enjoyed the time we spent with her. She fitted very well into our family. The Royal Family, and Britain, is very lucky to have her”.

    The Sun reported that the rift was caused due to Markle’s lie. Meghan claimed that she is to be credited for the courgette pasta recipe to a bunch of her friends ripping Cory off the credit. The exact timeline of the break up is not clear, but Tom Bower, the author of ‘Revenge: Harry, Meghan, and the War between the Windsors’ wrote that she was still with Cory during the blind date in London. According to him, Cory was responsible for introducing her to some of the bigger names in different industries including the Canadian political luminaries.

    Tom claimed that Harry visited Toronto staying at a friend’ house while Cory and Meghan were still sharing an apartment. He wrote, “With Cory [Vitiello] still sharing her home, the situation for Meghan was tricky but manageable. At the end of the week, after he returned to London, Meghan was convinced that her spell was cast and the relationship with Harry would be sealed. She told Cory that their affair was over. Unaware of the circumstances, he was relieved. The final months had been unpleasant”.

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