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    What Is The Coconut Challenge On TikTok?

    Dance challenges, Lip sync videos, and A-day-in-the-life videos are some of the popular trends on the social media platform TikTok. Some trends go up; some fall by the side. That’s the law of algorithms, how unfair it may seem. Sometimes what’s old becomes new, giving these TikTok trends a second life, like the Coconut Challenge.

    Be it clips of people goofing off to ironic music or life-changing advice about mental well-being and spirituality, people can rely on TikTok to learn what’s hot and happening with Gen Z. Once lost in the pile of other TikTok trends, Coconut Challenge has made a comeback. Find out more about the trending challenge.

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    What Does The Coconut Challenge Mean?

    The Coconut Challenge is once again a major TikTok trend. Ironically, the Coconut Challenge has no relation to the hard-shelled fruit with a soft white center. But it keeps rising on the algorithm regardless, and we tell you why. The real meaning behind it is related to the fruit, but only broadly.

    The trend encourages people to keep their physical and sexual prowess in check. The objective is to spell the word coconut with one’s body using hips during sexual intercourse. It calls for constant swirling motions with the back and front of bodies. Clearly, not for the faint of heart.

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    How Did The Coconut Challenge On TikTok Become A Trend?

    Cardi-B and Megan Thee Stallion made this challenge a famous TikTok trend

    The origins of the Coconut Challenge go back to 2019. Before its memefication, it was posted from a Kenyan Facebook group called Killimani Mums Usaku Zone KMUZ. One woman posted in the forum asking for sex advice when she was on top of her partner, leading the women in the group to give her the coconut advice.

    The Coconut Challenge got its second life after Cardi B mentioned it on her TikTok. In the video, she called out Megan Thee Stallion for claiming she would perform the challenge. Once again, the social media shenanigans of a celebrity lead to a reemergence of a forgotten trend. Netizens have been quick to welcome the trend, making clever jokes at the expense of the trend’s sexual nature. With this trend’s attention, the way people associate the word coconut will soon change.

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