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    Bullet Waited 20 Years To Kill Its Target: The True Story Of Henry Ziegland Has All Elements Of A Great Thriller

    Life is full of coincidences and weird stuff. One of the things that has always riddled the human mind and also scared us is death. It’s hard to predict when and where someone will die.

    But there are instances in real life that are stranger than any fiction novel or film…coincidences that are hard to wrap your head around. One such incident is of Henry Ziegland and a bullet.

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    The Story of Henry Ziegland

    Bullet Hole
    Bullet Hole

    Henry Ziegland was a man living in Honey Grove, Texas. In the year 1883, he dumped his girlfriend turned fiancee Macy Tichnor. Macy loved him a lot and couldn’t stand the idea of living without him. Shocked by Henry’s unfaithfulness, she became depressed and ended her life.

    This didn’t change Henry’s life who continued to live as a farmer and a businessman. Macy’s brother was furious and decided to avenge his sister’s death. He prepared a plan to eliminate Henry and went to his farm with a pistol. The timing and place were fixed.

    That day, Henry went to the woods to cut trees. Macy’s brother ambushed him and opened fire. The bullet deflected off Henry’s skull and then got stuck inside a tree trunk.

    Macy’s brother looked at Henry’s unconscious body and assumed that he was dead. But fate had other plans for his sister’s killer.

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    The Bullet That Waited For 20 Years

    People showing the bullet hole in tree
    People showing the bullet hole in a tree

    After killing the one responsible for his sister’s death, Macy’s brother turned the gun on himself and committed suicide since he had no reason to live. His sister was dead. He successfully avenged her death.

    But Henry wasn’t dead. The bullet had just grazed him. So after some time, he got up and went to see a doctor. He continued living a normal life after that. He had a family, a wife, and a child.

    20 years went by since that incident and Henry was an old man now. But it came back to haunt him again. One day, Henry was cutting firewood inside the forest with his son. There was one tree that he couldn’t cut with an ax. So he decided to apply dynamite and put it inside the trunk, which was the norm of the time.

    Henry lodged a bunch of dynamites inside the tree trunk to blow it. He told his son to stay away. The dynamite was ignited and Henry and his son moved 50 feet away. The tree exploded. What happened next sounds like a thriller film. A bullet, fired by Macy’s brother, that had been resting all this time in the same tree trunk, came out of the tree and hit Henry in the head temple with full force. It was instant death for Henry this time, completing the revenge story of Macy’s brother.

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