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    “He Was The Wrong Choice In The First Place”: Twitter Reacts To Ezra Miller Allegedly Getting Fired By Warner Bros. Discovery

    The career of ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ actor, Ezra Miller is wilting day by day.  Ezra has received many criminal charges and nefarious allegations in this year alone. Recently, the parents of a young trans-activists have pressed charges of grooming their child into a cult-like behavior. Due to the increasing legal troubles, good folks at Warner Bros. are concerned about the future of ‘The Flash’ franchise along with Miller’s future with the studio.

    With the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery, CEO David Zaslav has a grandiose vision for the future of the DCEU. In an interview, while sharing his vision, he has highlighted the importance of certain secondary characters and bringing them to the forefront. He expressed the revitalization of certain characters and actors. It is reported that Ezra’s future as Flash is not looking very good.

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    “There Is No Winning In This For Warner Bros.”:  Ezra Miller Might Have To Pack Bags At Warner Bros. Discovery Post ‘The Flash’

    Ezra Miller in 'The Flash'
    Ezra Miller in ‘The Flash’

    Since the introduction of ‘The Flash’ franchise, no other actor played the role as finesse as Ezra Miller. The actor first portrayed the character of Barry Allen aka The Flash in the DCEU. In 2023, they will be back on-screen to portray their most loved DCEU venture. In the future, Miller’s involvement in the project looks murky. As per a report, Zaslav, the CEO of the new Warner Bros.- Discovery merger is facing his “first movie crisis.” Miller has been in the news and tabloids for all the wrong reasons. This has hampered their potential career prospects. 

    The report questioned, “Could you send a potential liability on a global publicity tour and have the actor anchor a huge studio franchise play?” An actor piled with criminal charges and an upcoming lawsuit is surely a liability considering $200 million is running on them! Back in the day, Warner Bros. sacked their talents due to their off-set legal troubles. In 2020, Johnny Depp was sacked from the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise after losing the U.K. libel lawsuit. 

    The studio is facing a major challenge. As per an insider from the studio, “There is no winning in this for Warner Bros. This is an inherited problem for Zaslav. The hope is that the scandal will remain at a low level before the movie is released, and hope for the best to turn out.” Zaslav has several alternatives to consider like not having a major publicity tour, switching to HBO’s streaming service, or “lean in toward making the movie a hit and then drop Miller.”

    Miller Has Created So Many Controversies This Year

    Ezra Miller
    Ezra Miller

    Miller has ensued a lot of controversies for his erratic behavior. In an already gloomy year 2020, they choked a woman on the ground in Iceland, but fortunately, she did not press any charges. This year, they had a string of criminal charges and lawsuits beginning in Hawaii where they was charged with “disorderly conduct and harassment.”

    Recently, a couple with whom they were staying issued a restraining order for threatening and stealing from them. In another incident, Ezra threw a chair at a woman resulting in an injury. Now, the parents of activist Tokata Iron Eyes filed a case against Miller. The couple claimed the actor has “cult-like and psychologically manipulative, controlling behavior.”

    Twitter Reacts To This Unfortunate Event

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    Nishant Bhise
    Nishant Bhise
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