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    “I Am Sorry” – Dead Man Leaves A Fortune For Ex-Wife He Cheated On But His Girlfriend Is Not Ready To Let Go

    Reddit is an incredible place on the internet. It is also the rock bottom of the web space. Any meme or story that hits the internet, hits Reddit first. The platform is also filled with some fascinating stories.

    From horror to thrillers to all kinds of stories. One of them reads like the screenplay of a Hollywood film. It involves love, deceit, money, and betrayal. Basically all the ingredients of fiction. But in this case, it is a real story.

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    Woman Talks About Her Dead Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend

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    The story was posted on Reddit

    A user named ‘EverBlazinGirl’ posted something on the TrueOffMyChest community on Reddit that has increased netizens’ curiosity.

    The post, titled ‘My ex-husband passed away. I’m to inherit everything and his GF, that he left me for is trying to contest his will’ was written on July 31. She started the post by saying that she can’t say no to a large amount of money, around 1.3 million euros. The lady then narrates the full story.

    My ex-husband (m48) came to me (f44) one day and told me that he was leaving me. This was about eight years ago and I was 4 months pregnant with our first child. I can’t describe the hurt and confusion I was feeling. He didn’t give me any reason.”

    She mentioned that she didn’t see it coming as they were married for 10 years. The lady tried to reason with him but her husband moved out within a week. She wrote, “A week later his lawyer sent me a letter to move from the apartment. I found out a couple of weeks later that he had met someone (f33) and that’s why he was divorcing me and buying me out of our apartment.”

    Later she found out that he met someone else and that’s why he was divorcing her. Two months later, the lady had a miscarriage. She ignored her ex-husband’s texts. “He tried to reach out a few times more but I never answered him.” The woman mentioned that she is happily married with two children.

    The Fight For Her Ex-Husband’s Fortune

    The fight over her ex-husband's will
    The fight over her ex-husband’s will

    Six months later she found out her ex was terminally ill. She refused to meet him. “What do you say to someone who hurt you this bad after all these years? Does him dying make it less hurtful? Does it make me forget my resentment? I didn’t want to find out,” she said.

    His will stated that she would get the majority of his estate, including the apartment. His parents get a humble amount for their retirement and his nephew gets a sum for college. Her ex also left a letter for her where he was sorry about everything. He expressed his remorse for his actions.

    It turns out, that his girlfriend is also in the race for his will. She wrote, “The girlfriend is threatening to contest the will and says that I have used and abused him and his trust. I have manipulated him to give me everything and that she won’t leave her home.”

    The woman concluded that she won’t be sharing his estate. “I don’t feel that she’s entitled to my money and even if her existence doesn’t hurt me anymore I still hate her. She’s 33 and I don’t feel that I have obligation to provide for her. Also isn’t it disrespectful to go against my ex-husband’s wishes?”

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