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    ‘Every Parent’s Nightmare’ – Single Dad Reads Teen Daughter’s Private Chat And Finds Out A Horrifying Truth

    Parents are the first people to make an impact on a kid’s life. But parenting can be a nightmare. It’s almost a ticking time bomb that one needs to handle. Kids are unpredictable and they mostly think their parents are wrong. Of course, there are exceptions to this, not all parents are caring.

    But in a lot of cases, the kids try to push back their mothers and or fathers who want to help them. The situation is more complicated than ever for single parents in the digital age. One Reddit user posted an incident that is indeed every parent’s nightmare.

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    Single Dad Shares Shocking Story Of His Daughter

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    A Reddit user named ‘AmItheA**hole‘ shared a story a few days ago about his daughter. The single dad has three kids and the oldest one is 16.

    The story starts with him describing how his Apple I Cloud stopped functioning for the nth time. He wrote, “I’m not a tech guy at all, but what happens is sometimes our texts would show up in each other’s inboxes sometimes. But not on all devices. I’ve had my younger sons text show up on my laptop, my texts show up on daughters phone, etc.”

    The guy then mentioned that he is a trusting dad who deletes those chats without reading them. But this one time, there was something different about the thread. It forced him to inquire further.

    This may give away our relative location but whatever, my daughter is planning on attending a certain music fest this weekend with some friends,” he added. “She has a job and bought her ticket on her own. I originally had no issue, she’s usually responsible.”

    Daughter’s Chat Reveals Something Unusual

    Daughter's chat
    Daughter’s chat

    The Reddit user further explained, “Well I saw an interesting message in a thread with her friend that showed up in my phone. The message read ‘we should be able to sneak it in if we hide it well’.” He then added the full message.

    I was shocked at what I saw. She was talking about alcohol. Her and her friends are planning on sneaking in alcohol, marijuana, and something I have personally never heard of called ‘molly’. I legitimately don’t know what that is so as you can assume by this point I’m freaking out. I scroll up to find the outfits daughter plans on wearing as well. When I say “outfits” that’s me being very generous because to me it looks like just underwear, not an outfit.”

    AITA for not letting daughter go to music festival after I accidentally saw her texts? from AmItheAsshole

    The father then decided to not allow his daughter to go. On second thought, he felt he should check her outfit and bag and then probably let her go. But the girl would find a way to get the drugs. So, finally, the dad ended her concert plans.

    Her and I haven’t been speaking,” the dad continued. “She thinks I’m wrong to take away something she spent her own money on. I told her it’s not the concert, it’s what she’s planning on doing there I can’t possibly be okay with if I know about it in advance.”

    His daughter now wants him to reimburse the ticket money but the user said that he is not very well off financially. He finally asked, “Am I an asshole for doing this? I don’t think there’s a way I can let her go and be confident she won’t be messing around in stuff she shouldn’t be.” The single dad then reached out to other parents as well.

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