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    ‘Breaking Bad’: Did Walter White Use Jesse Pinkman For His Own Benefits?

    Calling ‘Breaking Bad‘ one of the greatest television shows of all time would be an understatement. Its influence on popular culture is unlike any other show. Some of the dialogues, and scenes have turned into memes, and are cemented in people’s memory who keep revisiting them.

    The two lead characters of the show are Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul). Throughout the storyline, we realize that Walter actually felt Pinkman’s naivety and used him for his own benefit. So let’s take a deep dive into this.

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    ‘Breaking Bad’: The Fraught Relationship Between Walter White And Jesse Pinkman

    Jesse Pinkman and Walter White in 'Breaking Bad'
    Jesse Pinkman and Walter White in ‘Breaking Bad’

    The AMC’s popular crime drama series ‘Breaking Bad‘ starts off with a peek into the world of Walter White. He is a high school chemistry teacher who is frequently disrespected by his students.

    Cut to, he is diagnosed with Stage III lung cancer and also encounters his former student Jesse Pinkman around the same time. With death staring directly into his eyes, he convinces Pinkman to cook and sell meth to make quick cash.

    Initially reluctant, Pinkman finally agrees to work with Walter. However, this one decision escalates more and more trouble in the future. White’s greed is on full display in the initial episodes of the first season when he asks Pinkman to meet Tuco so that they can sell more badges of crystal meth and make more money.

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    The Slow Road To Hell For Pinkman

    Breaking Bad
    Breaking Bad

    Later on, Pinkman’s life turns on its head because of Walter. He is forced or let’s say manipulated into murdering people, being mean, taking a serious beating, and nearly dying The worth of all is losing the love of his life.

    Easily one of the worst things Walter ever does on the show is not saving Jane Margolis when she is having an overdose. This was because he didn’t want Jesse to leave him and go live his own life with Jane.

    Her death devastates Pinkman and something changes in him afterward. Despite going through pain, he never mimics Walter’s problematic traits like greed and heartlessness. A sympathetic man, Pinkman is a good person in the wrong business. There are times when he wants to part ways with Walter. But the latter finds a way around it all the time.

    Eventually, he is enslaved for years until Walter saves him. This was Walter’s attempt to sort of clean all the sins he committed on people around him. But Jesse’s life is never the same because of him.

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