‘Breaking Bad’: Why Is Walter White Called Heisenberg?

Crime drama shows have a different fanbase and they have been praised by audiences all these years for their flawless storylines. One of them is Breaking Bad, which premiered a long time ago and audiences are still disappointed that it did not return with another season.

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The series aired for five episodes from 2008 to 2013 and the characters were able to connect with the audience. But the lead character, Walter White, was able to accumulate a large number of fans for himself in the years when the show was airing on AMC. The best quality about Walter was that he used to call himself Heisenberg. Let’s check why.

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Why Walter White Named Himself Heisenberg On ‘Breaking Bad’

Walter White had other side called Heisenberg

Walter White’s alter ego was derived from the German physicist Werner Heisenberg. Walter is a chemist and so he would be in touch with a lot of scientists and that is the reason he considered Heisenberg as an inspiration.

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The name Heisenberg and the different look allowed him to keep himself separated from his actions and suppress guilt. This has also led to theories stating that Walter was the embodiment of Heisenberg’s popular uncertainty principle, which is the reason for the connection between Walter and Heisenberg.

Werner Heisenberg is an important historical figure representing Walter’s Breaking Bad arc. He emerged as the winner of the Noble Prize in Physics in 1932 and was never involved in the creation of the first atomic bomb. ‘Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg is a perfect example of how genius can be used or misused in different situations.

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Differences Between Walter White And Heisenberg

There are differences between Walter White and his other self, Heisenberg

Although Walter made the choice of Heisenberg as his nickname, there are many differences between him and Heisenberg. Walter had a very low status as a high school teacher and when his friend and former business partner Elliott became a tech billionaire, Walter was confused between a decision to choose between a safe job and a family.

Heisenberg gained recognition as a genius scientist at a very young age. White’s Heisenberg reflects his feelings that Heisenberg lived the life of a successful scientist which was eventually missed by Walter.

Heisenberg’s morals were always questioned based on his work for Germans and his associations with Nazi research. Coming to Walter, he became a different person with no morals when he was spotted in a porkpie hat and dark sunglasses. By the end of the series, he also lost sight of his old self and realized that Heisenberg was a better choice.

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