How Much Did Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Earn Per Episode Of ‘Breaking Bad’?

‘Breaking Bad’ remains one of the most critically acclaimed crime drama TV shows of all time. The storyline, screenplay, characters, and performances were something that pulled a large number of audiences to the TV screens when it aired. It is unfortunate that it aired for only five seasons with 62 episodes from 2008 to 2013.

It was a simple story about a normal individual who turns to a life of crime in order to save his family members. The lead character here was Walter White, who played the role of Bryan Cranston. But there was another character called Jesse Pinkman played by Aaron Paul. They contributed a lot towards the success of the series and their appearances added a lot to their earnings in all these years.

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Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Earnings

Bryan Cranston is reported to have earned around $225,000 from each episode of ‘Breaking Bad.’ The show could not have become so popular without his appearance in all 62 episodes and he was also the producer. His current net worth is stated to be $40 million and he is now the owner of several properties.

Coming to Aaron Paul, it remains unknown how much he earned during his initial appearances on ‘Breaking Bad.’ But sources have confirmed that during the final two seasons of the series, he was paid $200,000 for each episode. The fifth season had 13 episodes while the sixth had 16 episodes and if we sum up everything, he has earned around $5.8 million overall.

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Walter White And Jesse Pinkman’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Story

Bryan’s character Walter White was a chemist and co-founder of a technology firm and he later joined as a chemistry teacher in Albuquerque. However, he was diagnosed with lung cancer which was at his third stage and he decides to secure his family’s financial situation by selling methamphetamine to one of his students – Jesse Pinkman.

He becomes more involved in the drug business as the series progresses and the character becomes more ruthless. He is also seen battling between his family responsibilities and involvement in the drug business.

Aaron’s character Jesse Pinkman is a crystal meth cook and dealer and there were plans to kill the character in Season 1. But the positive response towards the character forced the makers to keep him until the end of the show. The character was also seen undergoing a change as at one point, he was guilty of his and White’s involvement in the drug business.

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