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    ‘Gilmore Girls’: Who Is the Father Of Rory’s Baby?

    Nine years after the end of ‘Gilmore Girls‘, the showrunners and cast reunited for a spin-off series: ‘Gilmore Girls: A year in life’. The Netflix-produced spin-off miniseries consists of 90 minutes of four episodes only. It is really fun to watch the mother-daughter duo get back together, it feels like you are catching up with them.

    Rory’s pregnancy is revealed in the spin-off series, leaving us all on a cliffhanger about the baby’s father. The spin-off series showcases a mature version of Rory and her struggles juggling work and relationships. The original series covered the life of a single mother, Lorelai, and her journey from a teenage-pregnant runaway to co-owner of Independent Inn. Does Rory face the same fate as her mother?

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    What is ‘Gilmore Girl: A Year In Life’ About?

    This spin-off catches up after nine years of the lives of the mother and daughter. All our leading lady faces hurdles and tries to overcome them. Lorelai’s relationship with Luke is at an unnerving standstill while Rory’s budding journalism career in New York has stalled before it’s even begun. Emily’s world is turned upside down following the untimely passing of her beloved husband, Richard. These trembles bring the ladies together – providing each other with emotional support.

    But the end of this miniseries was emotional and frustrating. It had us all when Rory informs her mother that she is pregnant. Nothing further was spoken about the pregnancy and who the father is. Did Rory meet the same fate as her mother? Unlike how her 16 years old mother was, Rory is romantically unattached and without a steady job, although she is struggling to get her life back on track. Let us uncover who the father might be.

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    Who Is The Father of Rory’s Child?

    There are many speculations on who the father might be. Since the series introduced us to all the men in Rory’s life, from an illicit. affair to her boyfriend. Rory has a boyfriend, Paul whom she completely forgets exists, he even hardly appears even on the show. So definitely, Paul cannot be the father of the unborn child. Moreover, she cheats on Paul with Logan. There might be another possibility of Jess, Rory’s ex being the father of the child.

    Considering the timeline of the show, it is highly possible that Logan is the father of Rory’s baby. Logan and Jess are meant to parallel Christopher and Luke. Similar to Christopher’s relationship with Lorelai, Logan and Rory share a strong connection and intense bond, however, he’s self-absorbed, and nothing good tends to be the result of their relationship. With all the possibilities laid out – Logan may be the father of her baby, but Jess will ultimately end up with Rory. Unless the Netflix series gets renewed for a second season, which seems unlikely, fans will be left wondering how Rory’s life will play out with a new baby.

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