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    “Go F*** Yourself”: ‘The Idol’ Actress Jane Adams Blasts Feminists For Not Believing Lily-Rose Depp And Others Over Set Safety And No Exploitation

    The Idol’ became the most contentious television series in recent times! The audience and critics unanimously thrashed the series for its highly lewd portrayal of its female protagonist. It seemed like a fetishized vehicle instead of a scathing satire on the dark side of Hollywood. The actors and director collectively tried to cover the screenplay loopholes through many unbelievable statements.

    ‘The Idol’ was the story of a female pop star who is on her way to resuscitate her career after a tragedy. During the process, she finds Tedros, a mystic LA club owner and cult leader. He tries to help her tap into her potential through kinky exercises and inciting pain to help her create art. Due to many over-the-top and borderline p****graphic scenes, there were speculations about the safety of the actors on the sets. After Hank Azaria, actress Jane Adams defends the series for providing a safe space amidst the sensuous scenes.

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    Jane Adams Confesses Not Seeing Such Rigidity For A Show Before ‘The Idol’

    'The Idol' actress Jane Adams calls out the feminists over set environment
    ‘The Idol’ actress Jane Adams calls out the feminists over set environment

    During an interview with Vanity Fair, Jane Adams discussed the constantly pushed narrative about not having enough safety on ‘The Idol’ set.

    Joining her colleagues Lily-Rose Depp and Hank Azaria, Adams said, “What is amazing to me is no one’s listening—I’ve not seen that before in all my days, such a dogged ‘We refuse to change the narrative.’ “

    Jane Adams took a dig at the feminists, saying, “I especially want to say to all the feminists, ‘Go fuck yourself.’ All these women that I’m working with are talking about their experience and you’re not listening. You’re not listening!”

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    The Actress Thinks Free Speech Is The License To Offend

    'The Idol' cast
    ‘The Idol’ cast

    ‘The Idol’ has been a center of controversy even before its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. A Rolling Stone article changed the narrative around the series, where the production and crew staff admitted many explosive behind-the-scenes happenings. They also admitted that there were no safe conditions on Sam Levinson‘s set. After its release, the audience cringed and attacked the series for its hyper-s****ized portrayal.

    Jane Adams further said in the interview, “I love the show. These days, to certain people, you almost have to apologize when you dislike something or you love something. I don’t really care anymore. That is one good thing about being a gray-haired lady — it’s almost like you get a license to not care.”

    She added, “Free speech is the license to offend, period, full stop. The funniest stuff, to me, is going to offend a group of people no matter what you do.”

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