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    ‘House Of The Dragon’ Showrunner Explains Why Vhagar Is Like The “LeBron James Of Dragons”

    House Of The Dragon has created enough hype among the fandom. And with season 2 coming, expectations of the fans are very high. The show has a unique storyline and dragons are the dominant creatures in the narrative apart from ambitious royals.

    Ryan Condal, the showrunner of the series talked about the fight scene for the Iron Throne between Team Black and Team Green and while doing so, he compared Vhagar (a dragon) to LeBron James.

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    ‘House Of The Dragon’ Has Its Own LeBron James

    LeBron James

    Season 2 of House Of the Dragon’ has two teams – King Aegon’s Team Green and Queen Rhaenyra’s Team Black. But the showrunner of the show Ryan Condal thinks Vhagar has the upper hand as far as winning is concerned.

    Condal appeared on ‘The Official Game of Thrones Podcast: ‘House of the Dragon and talked about the impending war on the show. He also compared Vhagar to basketball player LeBron James. He said, “And though they don’t have as many dragons as Rhaenyra’s side, they do have Vhagar. That’s the LeBron James of dragons. It makes the whole team better and eats up most of the salary cap…Vhagar is a big threat”.

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    Fans React To The ‘Big Threat’ Analogy Involving LeBron James

    Vhagar from the movie

    While the showrunner feels Vhagar is the strongest dragon alive right now, Balerion remains among the superior dragons. He could melt stone and steel with his black fire like they were nothing. His huge wings used to cast a shadow on the towns.

    You should never dare to go against him. People also put their views on social media, related to the strongest dragon in ‘House Of the Dragon’. All the hilarious NBA fans had their take on the comparison, here are a few of them:

    Without a doubt, Vhagar is among one of the strongest dragons. He’s also called Queen of All Dragons and is ridden by Aemond in the series. During Aegon’s quest to conquer Westeros, Vhagar fought alongside two dragons.

    Well, you can make the conclusion on your own – “Is he really the largest living dragon?” on June 16.

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