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    In Which ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode Does Carl Grimes Die And How?

    Carl Grimes, son of Rick Grimes was one of the most loved characters of ‘The Walking Dead‘, whose end came way too soon and broke fans’ hearts. The viewers saw Carl Grimes since he was a kid and when they got attached to him, the showrunners decided to kill him off. The little kid went through the trauma bravely, which the scriptwriters threw at him.

    It is assumed that only Carl would have proudly continued Rick’s legacy. Initially, Carl was shy and soft-spoken, but after witnessing the horrors in life, he became bold, strong and aggressive. No child should have been through the pain Carl was put under. He is exactly like his father Rick- willing to save everyone and truly selfless. So, why did he have to die?

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    ‘The Walking Dead’: When And How Does Carl Grimes Die?

    Sadly, Carl Grimes’ death was shocking and untimely. Neither the fans nor the actor Chandler Riggs believed that the show would kill off the character. But his death was the result of selflessness, as he gave his life to save a fellow survivor. Carl leaves behind a legacy for his family and friends to change the world for the better and focus on rebuilding civilization.

    The Walking Dead‘ season eight, episode nine, witnessed the tragic loss of Carl. He was bitten by a walker while defending his friend Saddiq. His slow death was truly devasting to watch. Rick and Michonne’s devastation was soul-wrenching. Carl spent this last few days, writing letters to his loved ones, friends and family. As he was nearing his death, Carl chooses to commit suicide rather than forcing Rick or Michonne to put him down before reanimation. Later, when Rick and Michonne were outside the church, Carl shot himself in the head.

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    Is Carl’s End Different In The Comic Books?

    It is tragic to witness Carl’s untimely death in the series, but the good news for ‘The Walking Dead‘ fans, Carl lives till the end in the books. Carl turned into a righteous badass as time went by and he got older, he followed his father’s footsteps, but not so close that he made all the same bad choices. Carl was still alive by the end of ‘The Walking Dead’ final comic issue, having outlasted his series version by decades.

    But it was clear that Chandler Riggs, the actor playing Carl did not want to leave the show. Due to the uneven storyline and killing off characters, many audiences stopped watching the show. Carl Grimes didn’t have to die and Riggs did not have to leave, according to many fans. Carl’s death is considered one of the worst deaths in the history of television and the biggest mistake of ‘The Walking Dead‘.

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