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    “It Packs Punch”: Kevin McKidd Says He’s Proud Of The Upcoming Season 20 Premiere Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

    Grey’s Anatomyenthusiasts can now rejoice as the countdown to the return of the medical drama is officially on. After leaving fans hanging with a cliffhanger in May last year, the show is all set for the 20th season premiere on Thursday.

    As fans eagerly await the next season, Kevin McKidd, the actor behind Owen Hunt, has assured the viewers that the show’s upcoming episodes will not disappoint. Speaking to People, McKidd teased that fans can anticipate the cliffhangers being tied up in “a very interesting and pretty surprising way.”

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    “I’m Really Proud Of It”: Kevin McKidd Opens Up About The Upcoming Season Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

    Still from 'Grey's Anatomy'
    Still from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

    Describing the premiere episode of the upcoming season as a nostalgic throwback to the classic ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ formula, Kevin McKidd said that even series creator Shonda Rhimes declared it to be the show’s version she’s been longing for.

    [When] I think about this premiere episode I’m really proud of because it feels like a return to a very sort of almost old school Grey’s, it feels like one of those classic episodes of Grey’s Anatomy,” he said.

    And so, I remember [showrunner] Meg [Marinis] actually told me that Shonda Rhimes watched the final cut of the premiere, and she said to Meg, she said, ‘That’s the show, that’s the Grey’s Anatomy I want to watch,” he added. 

    It feels like this return to that kind of OG, kind of classic Grey’s Anatomy episode, and there’s a lot of great comedy in it, but there’s a lot of real pathos and some high-stakes drama,” he added.

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    Steven McKidd Has An Advice For His Character Owen

    Still from 'Grey's Anatomy'
    Still from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

    McKidd, who also headed the season opener, also opened up about the shocking turn of events for his character Owen, and his wife Teddy Altman. Speaking about the premiere, she said that the episode “packs punch and it satisfies, it’s a good wrap-up of the cliffhangers from season 19.”

    It was a shocker because there’s nothing wrong with Teddy up until this day, and suddenly she starts to get this toothache and it’s like this weird symptom,” he recalled. “And I think it’s great to add that jeopardy into the relationship.”

    He added that “it’s good to mix them up and give them some life and death stakes” after things between the duo had been “pretty rosyfor a couple of seasons. McKidd also noted that he would encourage the character to see the bigger picture in tough situations including Teddy’s medical emergency.

    Owen’s always been quite hotheaded, and he’s starting to mellow, he’s started to sort of mellow on that a little bit, he used to kind of stomp around and shout a lot and have anger,” he said. “So I would say to Owen probably, maybe take the long view on things, have a little perspective, don’t be quite so reactive and ready to shout at people. I would give Owen that advice,” he added. 

    So he’s always been very passionate about what he does, but he would sometimes err the side of being a little reactive,” he added. “So I would say calm down, take a breath, Owen. Just take a step back and think about it,” he said.

    So, ‘Grey’s Anatomy fans can mark their calendars as Season 20 premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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