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    “We Were So Isolated And Protected”: Jennifer Aniston Talks About How ‘Friends’ Would’ve Suffered If It Was Made In The Social Media Age

    Jennifer Aniston is talking about the difference it would have made for the ‘Friends’ cast if social media existed at that time. The show, known for its humor and impeccable casting, received worldwide success during its airing and went down in history as one of the best sitcoms ever made in the history of television.

    However, fans have often spoken up about the difference it would have made in how it was received by the audience if it came out today. Jennifer Aniston seems to hold the same thought. Here’s why Aniston thinks the cast would have been ripped off if the show came out during a time when social media existed.

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    Jennifer Aniston Says ‘Friends’ Cast Would Have Been Ripped Off If The Show Came Out Today


    For Variety’s ‘Actors on Actors’, Jennifer Aniston sat down with Quinta Brunson and talked about how the lack of social media during the time ‘Friends‘ was aired made things way easier for the cast.

    “It was in the ’90s and 2000s, and we had a luxury of there not being social media or the internet, so we were so isolated and protected,” she explained. “You weren’t faced with what people are commenting and ripping you apart or whatever. It was really an innocent time, where we could roam about the world a lot easier.”

    This view has previously been voiced by various fans and even critics who discussed how the jokes on the show would not exactly get great responses in today’s age where social media rips apart almost everyone over minor statements and takes.

    Aniston has previously commented on the different take the show would go on if it existed today, talking about how the current generation is preoccupied with digital gadgets and social media and rarely has time for physical interaction. She said, “[…] If Friends was created today, you would have a coffee shop full of people that were just staring into iPhones. There would be no actual episodes or conversations.”

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    Jennifer Aniston Gushes About Keeping In Touch With ‘Friends’ Cast

    The cast of FRIENDS
    The cast of FRIENDS

    Jennifer Aniston recalled the happenings of the day the show started airing, sharing a sweet memory of the initial days when they just started working together.

    “I remember the day that it was going to premiere on television, on NBC: Matthew Perry and I were having lunch somewhere, and we knew Lisa was getting her hair colored. So we ran into the hair salon, and I snuck up – she was in the sink – and I took the nozzle from the guy that was supposed to be doing it and just started washing her hair. It definitely flew out of control, and that was unfortunate. But the excitement we had, it feels like yesterday” she said.

    She then added how they have continued to stay in touch years after, “The fact that it’s had this long, wonderful life and it still means a lot to people is one of the greatest gifts I think all five of us – all six of us – we never could imagine. And we see each other. I talked on FaceTime with Court last night for an hour, and Lisa and the boys, and we just have a really – it’s a family forever.”

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