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    “Kim Was Wonderful”: Dominic Burgess Opens Up About His Sex Scene With Kim Kardashian on ‘AHS’

    American Horror Story’ actor Dominic Burgess has opened up about a particular steamy scene he shot with Kim Kardashian for the show. Burgess, who plays an up and coming director on the show, gets the chance to hire Kardashian’s Siobhan to help him with his career. Purgees gushed over Kim’s work ethic and how professional she is, also revealing how nervous he was to shoot with THE Kim Kardashian.

    “She worked so hard. Someone in her position could just go to their trailer and just come out when needed, but she was so present. She was asking questions, sharing ideas and being really open and engaging,” he said, adding that she was “really friendly.”

    “I was nervous and body-conscious, and to find out my first sex scene is going to be with an icon known for their beauty was a lot,” he added. “But there was a great intimacy coordinator who asked what we felt comfortable with, and the director was John J. Gray, who I worked with on Feud — and Kim was wonderful. It ended up being a really pleasant experience.”

    In the show, Burgess later dies and Kim’s character is a shrewd, logical publicist who will go to any lengths to make things work for her clients.

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    Kim Kardashian’s Character In American Horror Story Is A Career Boon For Her

    Kim Kardashian in 'AHS'
    Kim Kardashian in ‘AHS’

    Kim Kardashian’s role in ‘American Horror Storymight be one of the best opportunities of her career. The socialite plays a witty, narcissistic and cunning publicist who will go as far as it needs for her clients. She stars alongside Emma Roberts in the show, who recently opened up about a particular passionate kiss she shared with Kim on the show.

    Though many at first were skeptical about Kim’s acting skills because of her previous acting projects, she showed that the right role could make an amazing actress out of anyone. Siobhan’s character fits Kim like a glove. She’s both fascinating and terrifying, while also making you wonder what her next villainous move will be.

    The role has garnered attention from many as they praise her acting skills and how well she morphs into the role.

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