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    5 Longest-Running Soaps On US Television

    In a world where many soaps are cancelled after a single season, it can be difficult to find a show that genuinely lasts. But there are few long-running soaps out there that have managed to stay on the air for decades – and some of them even started before the television was invented. Here are the top five of the longest running soaps on US television:

    General hospital (58 years)

    This TV show has been around since 1963 and is still going strong with its 49th season! The show has seen numerous cast changes and is famous for its many storylines and it’s over-the-top acting. 

    This soap opera centres around stories that focus on “the battle of good versus evil” of the fictional community General Hospital in Port Charles. The show follows several doctors who work at the nearby medical centre; an attractive female business woman named Tracy Quartermaine; a handsome intern Dr. Dante Falconeri and his rich yet devilish twin brother Dr. Dante Falconeri Jr.

    Guiding light (57 years)

    Guiding Light is a soap opera that aired on CBS television network from June 30, 1952 to September 18, 2009. This drama was created by Frank Valentini, who also served as the executive producer.

    The story deals with the lives of the people of Llanview, Pennsylvania and the surrounding fictional area over five decades. The series’ first season stars Janet Montgomery as new owner and publisher of Llanview’s newspaper “The Tribune”, Michael Muhney as her husband Chris Hughes their son Brendan Kelly, Laura Wright as Victoria Lord 

    As the world turns (54 years)

    “As the World Turns” came to an end on December 8, 2009. This daily soap aired its first episode in 1956 and was created by Irna Phillips. It had a total of 54 seasons and a total of 20,147 episodes. The first episode’s name was “The Raid” while the show has been running for over fifty years it has seen many storylines and character twists. 

    Days of our lives (53 years)

    To be fair this is a soap opera which is quite addictive to those who watch it and a staple for many individuals as it continues to entertain its viewers on a long run. Even though soap operas are somewhat old fashioned and I’m sure you’ve seen them before on other TV channels, Days of our lives has more than 50 years worth of episodes to watch 

    The “Days of our lives” revolves around four next-door neighbours and every day starts with one of them in a jam, as the other three get involved to help. The first chapter, entitled “A Day in the Life”, reveals us all that might conjure up in a typical day’s life. 

    The young and restless (45 years)

    It’s been over 40 years since we first tuned in to watch the Young and the Restless as gorgeous Greg and his wife Sharon returned to Genoa City. Now, 50 years later, we’re still watching as the show has evolved from one that was mainly about love triangles and divorces into a show that explores many changes happening in society.

    This soap has progressed greatly over the decades to include storylines such as addiction, homosexuality, affairs and racism. It has also addressed social issues such as teen pregnancy. Racist jokes have disappeared from dialogue because of changing views on race relations not just on television but also in society at large.

    In conclusion, daily soap operas have been churning out more than just drama. They have provided 30 years worth of history, heartbreak, and intrigue for fans of the genre. Even better, soap operas are still very relevant in our society today.


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