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    “Still The Worst Heartbreak Of My Career”: Maggie Grace Was ‘Devastated’ Over Her Character’s Exit On ‘Lost’ And It Still Stings

    Maggie Grace played the role of Shannon Rutherford in ABC’s hit drama Lost‘. Shannon is portrayed as an unsympathetic and spoiled character at the beginning of the series. Later her character was softened and her relationship with Sayid (Naveen Andrews) grew.

    But as her character grew, it was a short stint in the series, and Maggie wanted more from her role. It was more than saddening for her to witness the fate of her character.

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    Maggie Grace Faced Heartbreak When Exiting ‘Lost’

    Maggie Grace played Shannon Rutherford on 'Lost'
    Maggie Grace played Shannon Rutherford on ‘Lost’

    When actors play a certain role for a long time, they often get attached to the character. Maggie Grace expected more from her role in ‘Lost’. She hoped for more scenes from Shannon in the narrative. The actress told The Independent in an interview that Shannon being killed in episode six of the second season is “still the worst heartbreak of my career. I was devastated!”

    Grace elaborated that she, “thought they were gonna take (Shannon) a little further,” but it “was sort of a caricature of white privilege before that was a phrase, you know?” She added, “And maybe I was just too good at my assigned job of being incredibly annoying.”

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    “They Definitely Had Bigger Fish To Fry”: Grace Thought Her Character Deserved Better

    Maggie Grace
    Maggie Grace

    Further, Maggie thought that Shannon could have redeemed herself in one or another in the show. She said, “At the last moment, redeem herself and be incredibly self-sacrificial in some way. I guess there were flashes of it, but not in the way I hoped in terms of an arc.” Still, she added, “That’s a selfish actor’s point of view. They had bigger fish to fry.”

    Moreover, during the shooting of ‘Lost’, there was no social media or anything else and it was great for the cast and their mental health. Due to no social media, the concept of the show was very raw, vague, and fuzzy.

    Grace elaborated on this, “We were so removed in this tiny village – it felt like this little theater troupe. It was just before social media, which was an enormous blessing for everyone’s mental health. And the concept of the show being popular was just this vague, fuzzy, sort of ‘Oh, that’s nice.‘”

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