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    “It Represents Teenagedom, It’s Passion”: Olivia Cooke Breaks Down Alicent Hightower’s Relationship With Ser Criston Cole On ‘House Of The Dragon’ Season 2

    Before you read further, we must warn you there are major spoilers for season 2 of House Of The Dragon in this article. The premiere of the second season two on 16 June came with some major surprises in store for the viewers. One such was undoubtedly the scene which introduced Queen Alicent Hightower and Ser Criston Cole in season 2. 

    Well, for starters they are in the bedroom enjoying some very intimate time together. This new relationship was foreseeable but now that it has happened, it is a pleasant surprise to fans. Show star Olivia Cooke who plays the character of Alicent Hightower breaks down what the new relationship means to her character. 

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    Olivia Cooke On Alicent And Criston’s Relationship 

    Olivia Cooke
    Olivia Cooke

    The newly explored relationship of Alicent Hightower and Ser Criston Cole was one that fans could see coming from a mile away. But what does this mean for Alicent? That is what actress Olivia Cooke breaks down, in conversation with Elle. “I think for her, it represents teenagedom. It’s passion. She’s never had that,” Cooke says. 

    Alicent was made a pawn in the game of politics by her father. He married her off to an aging Viserys Targaryen. Soon after she had to give birth to three children. So she never got to live her teenage years properly. Olivia Cooke also explains how Alicent has been eyeing Cole for quite some time. 

    And this is someone that she’s fancied since she was a kid that Rhaenyra got to have,” Cooke says of Criston Cole. “He became this loyal guard dog who was always by her side, who protected her fiercely.” She continued to say, “And then Viserys died and I don’t know, you never see it, but I’m imagining in the throes of grief and despair and also confusion, Criston Cole has always been there, and I think something just blossomed from that.”

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    Olivia Cooke Explains Alicent’s Feelings Towards Criston Cole 

    A young Alicent with Criston Cole
    A young Alicent with Criston Cole

    The 30-year-old actress continued to say, “I think when someone dies, it’s almost quite life affirming as well, in a way. Because you’re like, ‘F***, everything’s just so finite.’ And I don’t know if the passion was born from that and just being like, ‘Let’s just seize the moment.’” Cooke referred to King Viserys’ death here. 

    Cooke also added, “But it’s something that I think she’s probably fantasized for a long time in a really naive, juvenile way, and you can see that in just the way they act around each other….I don’t think Alicent knows where to put all these feelings.” Alicent has held secret feelings towards Criston Cole for a long time even before he was selected to protect Rhaenyra. So her secret dreams of being with him are finally coming true in the second season.

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