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    ‘Outlander’: Why Claire And Geillis Can Time Travel Through The Stones?

    The fans of ‘Outlander‘ are no strangers to time travel. The series revolves around Claire Randall, a World War II nurse who ends up in 18th-century Scotland by mysteriously travelling through stones. She meets Geillis Duncan who is a fellow time traveller with the ability to journey through time using the standing stones that litter the Scottish countryside.

    Claire meets the love of her life, the Scottish highlander Jamie Fraser when she travels back through time. Even though most of us are there for the romance, the time travel aspect never ceases to both fascinate and baffle us. The time travel rabbit hole is sure to give most a headache, but it is very difficult to ignore the intricacies of it when time travel is the heart of the show.

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    ‘Outlander’: The Rules Of Time Travel

    Time travel might be a fantastical notion, but the show’s writers and creators have done their best to ground it in some scientific theory. Claire can travel through time on ‘Outlander‘ which she passes on to her daughter Brianna. Jamie, however, does not have this ability which means he and Claire cannot escape to the future and be safe.

    Regardless of the era, time continues to move forward, that is the four years that Claire spent in the past were equal to the time she was missing in the present and her husband’s (Tobias Menzies) life moved on without her. From Geillis’ accounts, Claire and Roger discover that apart from fire, gemstones and bloodstones can also be used to travel through time. You can only travel at certain times of the year, for example, Claire’s initial travel took place near Beltane, Brianna’s during Winter Solstice and Roger’s during Summer Solstice.

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    Who Are The Time Travellers On The Show?

    Travelling through the stones is not possible for everyone, and some have even died trying to do so. Here, is a list of all the characters who have successfully travelled through time in the series.

    1. Claire Fraser: She is the protagonist of the series and the central time traveller. Claire travels through time multiple times throughout the 5 seasons.

    2. Geillis Duncan: She is both a witch and traveller who refers to the smallpox vaccination scar on her arm as a devil’s mark. Unlike Claire, Geillis resorts to darker means of time travel that include human sacrifice.

    3. Brianna Fraser: Time travel is hereditary, and just like her mother Claire, Brianna possesses the ability to travel through time. Brianna travels through time to warn them of the fire that breaks out at Fraser’s Ridge in season 4.

    4. Otter Tooth: In season 4, Claire encounters the remains of a fellow time traveller named Otter Tooth, a Native American man who travelled from the 20th century to forewarn his people about their destiny.

    5. Roger Mackenzie: Roger’s time-travelling abilities are also inherited as he is distantly related to Geillis. He travels back in time to protect Brianna, when she time travels to warn her parents.

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