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    ‘Succession’ Season 4: Which Candidate Wins The Election?

    Contrary to the title of the ‘Succession’ episode, the country doesn’t get to decide. The people vote during the elections, but the media is the volatile kingmaker. Under the new Roy leadership, ATN goes through what turns out to be the most outrageous elections ever. Once again, the soon-to-be-over HBO series places the mirror in front of the 1% mentality and its disregard for social responsibility.

    From electrical fires to “Nazi vans,” there’s no level the losing side wouldn’t stoop to. But it’s not just the Presidential candidates but also the siblings who are forced to pick sides when they discover the true colors of Siobhan. There’s no end in sight for this night of horrors as the city burns to ashes.

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    ‘Succession’ Season 4: The Night Of The Apocalyptic Election

    Greg and Tom powering through their day on ‘Succession.’

    The battle between the final contenders, Daniel Jimenez and Jared Mencken, gets heated up on ‘Succession,’ quite literally, as the latter plays dirty. Kendall is torn between what’s good for his business and what’s good for the family. From the false information to nazi vans, the episode had all kinds of unpredictable craziness. Roman is riding with Mecken, while Siobhan wants Jimezen to win so the GoJo deal passes the government regulations.

    Meanwhile, Tom Wambsgans takes charge of the newsroom with some caffeine and drugs. Despite his best, he can’t keep the Roys from the newsroom. While Siobhan and Roman butt heads, Kendall is distracted by the thought of his family being pushed around by Mencken’s political terrorizers. Suddenly, there’s Antifa firebombing which causes a lot of Jimenez votes to disappear.

    Sensing an opportunity, Roman forces Tom to call Wisconsin for his candidate. Kendall is still in two mins about going ahead with Mencken. But through Greg, he finds out Siobhan has been sleeping with the enemy all along. Hurt and seeking retribution; he calls Wisconsin for Mencken, who’s already leading in votes.

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    What Comes Next For The Roy Siblings?

    A still from 'Succession' season 5
    A still from ‘Succession’ season 5

    A teaser of the next ‘Succession’ episode, ‘Church And State, ‘ shows Roman practicing his eulogy with a touch of his cynical sense of humor. At the funeral service, we get a peak of the most influential people in the country, including the newly elected President Mencken and Lukas Matsson. As all the major political players gather under a single roof, combustion is bound to happen sooner or later.

    Now exposed and humiliated, Siobhan has vowed to take what’s her no matter what. Now that the Trump-esque right-wing candidate Mencken is the President, Kendall might have to carry the burden of installing a monster in the Oval Office. With the pressure piling up, will Kendall fall back into his old pattern?

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