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    ‘The Bear’: What Does The Show’s Title Mean?

    The title of a movie or show is the first of the few things that catches a viewer’s attention. While many clearly dish out what can be expected from a film or a show, some others take the mysterious way – they give it a name that leaves the audience wondering. And while it’s a huge risk to take, it works wonders if it manages to do its job right. One such TV show is ‘The Bear‘.

    A wild animal – what could the name possibly mean? If you are to watch the show, you might think your search for the meaning of the show’s title ends in the season 1 finale. But you keep watching, and the symbolism behind the name will surprise you.

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    ‘The Bear’ Is The Name Of A Restaurant. But Is That All?

    Two of the show’s leading characters decide to name their restaurant ‘The Bear’. (Image: Film)

    In the Season 1 finale, the lead characters chose the name ‘The Bear’ for the prospective restaurant they plan on starting. The restaurant – though it is an important venture for Carmy, played by Jeremy Allen White, and Sydney, played by Ayo Edebiri – doesn’t get up and running until season 2.

    The run from season 1 to season 2 – when the restaurant is just an idea in talks – serves the audience with several subtle reasons as to why it is named ‘The Bear‘.

    If you notice carefully, the significance of the title goes beyond the name of the restaurant. There is a subtle hint and heavy symbolism in the opening scene of the first episode. Carmy dreams of releasing a bear from a case, which then goes on to attack him. It is this dream that pushes him to take the challenge of reviving his dead brother’s restaurant

    So there’s the first hint – Carmy, by letting the bear out of its cage, carves the way for the story of the show.

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    Why Does The Berzatto Family Refer To Themselves as ‘The Bears’?

    The Berzatto family on the show has anger and aggression as basic characteristics, just like bears do. (Image: Hulu)

    Season 2 further adds flavor to this metaphor. The Berzatto family playfully refers to themselves as bears. The phrase “don’t poke the bear” also gains prominence as the arguments between the family members escalate.

    All the members of the family have been shown to know each other’s triggers and the consequent power to bring harm to each other. For this family, anger and aggression are a way of life – just like it is for bears.

    As the third season of ‘The Bear’ is set to start production, we all know what the title means and is likely to entail in the coming seasons.

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