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    ‘The Blacklist’: Top 10 Best Raymond Reddington Quotes

    Raymond Reddington is the core character of NBC’s hit show ‘The Blacklist‘. Played by James Spader, Raymond is a lovable criminal. He is a man of many words and often with his one-liners and monologues, he amuses people. Most of Spader’s character charm is because of his sharp tongue, quick wit, and tall tales.

    Raymond Reddington’s dialogues are packed with humor, wisdom, and dark humor. But among all the misleading lies, Raymond shares truly inspirational, remarkable quotes. Here are the top 10 Raymond Reddington quotes.

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    The Best Raymond Reddington Quotes

    ”That’s What Love Is. Being Powerless.”

    Raymond and Elizabeth

    This quote accurately portrays Raymond Reddington’s feelings for Elizabeth Keen. Although the nature of the relationship was hardly revealed throughout the show, Red deeply cared for Elizabeth. Power and control are extremely important to Reddington and he never lets his guard down for anyone. But somehow, Elizabeth was his weakness and Red has often given up power and control for her. He was equally terrified and comforted to know that Elizabeth was his greatest joy and weakness. 

    “I Always Found Fear To Be My Most Valuable Sense”


    Not all powerful and intriguing characters talk openly about their feelings and emotions. But that’s what makes Raymond Reddington different from other criminals, he does not hesitate to talk about his feelings. He discusses the importance of his emotions and how it affected his decisions. Often criminals tend to swallow their deepest fears, running away from them, Raymond embraces this sense as it keeps him focused, aware, and grounded. 

    “Revenge Isn’t A Passion; It’s A Disease”

    Raymond Reddington with Mr. Kaplan in a still from 'The Blacklist'

    Raymond Reddington pursues his own codes and morals, which he believes to be right and not acting out of mere vengeance. If Red followed his own advice, then Kaplan would have been with him. Red ends the quote by saying “Make sure your passion is not your sickness.” He gives his advice to Berlin and convinces him to stop the attacks.

    “You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”

    Reddington and Liz

    One of the most familiar and famous quotes around the world, and everyone has heard it. It simply translates that one cannot formulate an opinion about someone just by the look of it. But Ray Reddington’s version of this quote is a little different. Raymond Reddington makes the point that you don’t have to know everything about a person to formulate a judgment. He also makes it clear while you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can know a person “by its first few chapters and certainly by its last”.

    “In This World There Are No Sides”

    Only if people would understand and live by this Raymond Reddinton’s quote. Even though he is a criminal, Red follows moral conduct and acknowledges that life is ever-changing. If anyone acted within his moral conduct, Red will set aside his differences and work towards a common goal. According to him, there are no sides, but people are just mere players, something similar to William Shakespeare’s “All world is a stage“.

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    “Value Loyalty Above All Else”

    Red and Dembe

    Loyalty is rare to find in any field of work, especially in Raymond Reddington’s area of expertise. And that is why he sees Dembe as such a valuable individual to keep around. And betraying loyalty seems unacceptable to Red and might be the target of dire consequences. He was taught the importance of loyalty when he was young and has carried on that way ever since.

    “There Is Nothing That Can Take The Pain Away”

    Red and Ressler

    This is the most moving quote which deals with loss. Red gives this speech when speaking with Ressler about the loss of his fiance Audrey. The pain of loss sends Ressler down an extremely dark path and he tries to avenge her death. Understanding his pain, Red encourages him to control himself. He shared the pain while dealing with the loss of Elizabeth, one of the most heartbreaking moments of the show.

    “Life Is Far Too Important A Thing Ever To Talk Seriously About”


    Raymond Reddington is very well aware of his status and accepted the reality of the consequence he might face due to his profession. He has made peace with the fact that he will die someday soon. Instead of dwelling in fear, Red lives his life to the fullest and enjoys it. Also, he values his life and is grateful that the is alive at the dawn of a new beginning.

    “You Know The Problem With Drawing Lines In The Sand?”

    It is already known that Raymond Reddington does not believe in sides. He remains impartial and changes his position based on what might be beneficial at that time. He also tries to remind others around him of this as he considers people foolish who stick with one mindset and are not flexible to change. This is why Red is a perfect example of a grey character. 

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