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    ‘The Blacklist’: Who Kills Tom Keen And Why?

    ‘The Blacklist’ has kept viewers on the edge of their seats for years, with its riveting storyline and unexpected twists. Besides the biggest question of all – what is the relationship between Elizabeth Keen and Raymond Reddington, the identity of Tom Keen’s killer is among the many questions that viewers couldn’t guess. Tom, played by Ryan Eggold, was a major character in the show’s earlier seasons, and his death was a shock to most fans.

    Tom Keen’s end was a major plot twist in ‘The Blacklist‘, and the revelation of his killer left the audience rightly stunned. Between speculations of him betraying his wife Elizabeth and the FBI, and finding a way around the dangerous Cabal members, things were muddled up. But here’s the explanation of the circumstances of Tom’s death.

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    The Events Leading Up To Tom Keen’s Death On ‘The Blacklist’

    Tom Keen on 'The Blacklist'
    Tom Keen on ‘The Blacklist’

    Tom Keen was first introduced in Season 1 of ‘The Blacklist‘ as the husband of FBI agent Elizabeth Keen. Tom appeared to be a mild-mannered school teacher, but as the series unfolded, his darker past was revealed. Tom turned out to be a covert operative working for a shadowy organization, The Cabal. His association with The Cabal strained his relationship with Elizabeth, and the two eventually separated.

    In the fifth season of the show, Tom is seen on a mission to unearth a conspiracy that involves a suitcase filled with bones. He was abducted and taken to a remote location while he was undertaking his investigation. He was then tortured and eventually killed. The events leading up to Tom’s death were full of suspense and unprecedented drama, and viewers were left guessing the identity of his murderer.

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    The Suspects And Motivations

    Ian Garvey on 'The Blacklist'
    Ian Garvey on ‘The Blacklist’

    The list of suspects for Tom’s murderer was long and even included his own father, Howard Hargrave, who was out for revenge for Tom’s involvement in The Cabal. Another primary suspect was the series’ main villain, Raymond Reddington, who had previously threatened Tom’s life. However, in an exciting turn of events, the true murderer turned out to be a mystery man named Ian Garvey, who was also searching for the suitcase of bones that Tom was investigating.

    Garvey is a ruthless criminal who has his sights on the suitcase and is willing to go to extraordinary lengths, including killing Tom to get his hands on that suitcase. His desire for power and control over the criminal underworld was what motivated him to ultimately kill Tom. Garvey’s introduction provided a new layer of complexity, as he even grew fond of Reddington’s daughter Jennifer Reddington after meeting her, who later became Garvey’s surrogate daughter.

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