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    Top 10 Shows To Binge-Watch In A Day

    A three-hour standalone movie? Nah. A series with a running time of 6 hours that has been broken up into eight shorter episodes? Oh, yeah! Platforms like Netflix and Hulu are choosing shorter, stand-alone seasons more frequently in order to allow producers to wrap up their storylines on a satisfactory note. If the show is a success, they can always extract a new season’s worth of narrative from between the lines of the old script.

    What makes a show worth binge-watching? It must be funny and entertaining enough that you waste- errrr… I mean spend eight hours on it. It should have a gratifying conclusion so that you feel satisfied at the end of it. So here’s a handpicked list of the best of them all. And you can consume them all in a single day, if not in a single sitting.

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    The End Of The F***ing World

    Where To Watch: Netflix

    Running Time: Six hours, approximately

    What is it about: James (Alex Lawther) is a developing self-described psychopath who is dreaming of killing someone for the first time in this improbable, murky romantic comedy. He chooses his defiant classmate Alyssa (Jessica Barden) who personifies existential dread in a live, breathing form, and embarks on a road trip across England with her to win her favor first.

    Not even slightly do things go as he had intended. You’ll be pleased with the first season’s contentment and be sure that you don’t need a second, so you’ll be shocked when the second succeeds to surpass it.


    Where To Watch: Prime Video

    Running Time: 5 hours, approximately

    What is it about: Creator and author in addition, Phoebe Waller-Bridge portrays the title character, a scathingly witty and utterly disorganized lady handling her existence and poorly existing romantic entanglements in London. She falls in love with a priest despite not believing in religion. It’s just as intelligent and sympathetic as it is darkly funny.


    Where To Watch: Netflix

    Running Time: 7 hours, approximately

    What is it about: The drama series is a detective-driven, supernaturally tinged mystery that follows Wednesday Addams during her years at Nevermore Academy. The story centers on Wednesday’s struggles to control her developing psychic ability, stop a horrific killing spree that has terrorized the neighborhood, and unravel the paranormal mystery that ensnared her parents 25 years ago—all while juggling her brand-new, complicated relationships at Nevermore.

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    The White Lotus

    Where To Watch: HBO Max

    Running Time: 5 hours approximately

    What is it about: The societal satire by Mike White is both visually stunning and thought-provoking. A group of wealthy tourists relax and unravel at a posh resort in Hawaii. What could be more soothing than a television show about a bunch of individuals on a tropical vacation? Really a lot.

    The program pulls back the veil of its ensemble of affluent people slowly, exposing truly nasty facts about each one of them. It is captivating yet profoundly (and brilliantly) uncomfortable. The second season of the program will have new characters and a fresh plot.


    Where To Watch: Disney+Hotstar

    Running Time: 6 hours, approximately

    What is it about: It follows the after events of Thanos’s death. Its narrative about a mourning witch acting out her sitcom fantasy scenarios is a striking excursion into the supernatural. The cliffhangers in each episode, as well as the acting and cinematography, are all great.

    The show first keeps the audience perplexed, but when you stay watching and understand what’s happening, it’s amazing. It might just land Wanda a #1 place on your favorite avengers list. In GenZ words, the show is Wanda’s villain origin story.

    The Haunting Of Hill House

    Where to watch: Netflix

    Running Time: 6 hours, approximately

    What is it about: The Haunting of Hill House is a contemporary adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s novel that centers on a set of siblings who as kids grew up in one of the most well-known haunted houses in the nation.

    If you love watching supernatural movies, this is an excellent choice. The drama series offers a compelling story, great acting, and meticulously detailed cinematography. All of this enhances the show’s brilliance.

    Normal People

    Where to watch: Hulu

    Running Time: 6 hours, approximately

    What is it about: The screen adaptation of the same-titled novel by Sally Rooney leads a young couple through an absurd maze that defies normality until the very end. The show is not just another clichéd love drama that fills the screen with cheery fantasy scenes. However, it rapidly shifts to the two main protagonists’ loneliness and misery.

    The series depicts the ‘soulmates’ trope as Marianne and Connell go through different lovers but always come back to each other. The show is brilliant, heartwarming, and heartbreaking at the same time. It’s one of those rare adaptations where the series gives full justice to the book.


    Where to watch: Disney+

    Running Time: 6 hours approximately

    What is it about: The plot of Loki centers on the cunning antagonist evading The Avengers’ grasp and being captured by the Time Variance Authority. This prompts him to set out on a quest to capture the villain who has been interfering with the timelines. A new power that is greater than any Mad Titan is successfully established in the cosmos.

    And in the midst of it all, there’s the charming Loki with his amusing little ploys and tricks that, even after all these years, haven’t become stale in the least. It is packed full of surprises, and by the end of it, you’ll only find yourself more in love with Hiddleston’s Loki.

    The Summer I Turned Pretty

    Where to watch: Prime Video

    Running Time: 6 hours, approximately

    What is it about: Belly, a fifteen-year-old, spends her adventurous summer vacation at Cousins Beach, where she hopes to find love. The plot of the series centers on her romantic pursuits as she becomes involved in a romantic triangle with two brothers, Jeremiah and Conrad.

    In the midst of getting ready for the debutante ball, the teen finds it difficult to decide between the two boys. The series is a highly anticipated adaptation of Jenny Han’s novel of the same name.


    Where to watch: Netflix

    Running Time: 4 hours approximately

    What is it about: Heartstopper is an interesting and lovely teen romance. The show focuses on the freshness and beauty of first love. The story follows Charlie Spring, who is gay but hasn’t yet come out of the closet, as he explores his sexuality and unanticipatedly falls in love.

    The show is fun to watch and humorous. Adapted from a graphic novel by Alice Oseman, the show has cartoonish animations in a lot of scenes to show the character’s feelings.

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    Nibir Konwar
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