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    Where Is ‘The Traitors’ Filmed? Is The Ardross Castle Open To Visitors?

    Claudia Winkleman hosts a group of scheming and plotting contestants in a castle where they battle for a prize fund worth up to £120,000. BBC’s reality television series ‘The Traitors’ follows a unique format and is one of the highest-rated television series. If you enjoyed the second season, then rest assured a third one is currently in the making. 

    But have you ever wondered where the beautiful castle is where the contestants are hosted? Today we will reveal the details of the vast estate and whether you can spend a night there as well. 

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    All About ‘The Traitors’ Castle 

    The Ardross Castle
    The Ardross Castle

    If you have ever wished to spend a night at the sprawling gardens of the castle where the BBC show is shot, you are at the right place. ‘The Traitors’ is shot in Ardross Castle. The beautiful castle is set in about 100 acres of gardens and parkland near the Easter Ross town of Alness.

    Built more than 170 years ago, the castle features elaborate architecture like complex rooflines with turrets and fortress-like battlements. The castle was built by Sir Alexander Matheson. Currently, the castle is owned by the McTaggart family. However, sadly one cannot spend the night there. But the property is available as a wedding venue.

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    The Format Of ‘The Traitors’ 

    The Traitors
    The Traitors

    The BBC show follows the basic format of the party game Mafia with some twists. At the start of the game, 22 players arrive at the castle as ‘Faithful’ contestants. Among this group is a secret group of ‘Traitors’. This group is tasked with eliminating the Faithfuls one at a time. While the Faithfuls must find out who the traitors are in order to win the prize. 

    Throughout the show, the contestants have to do different tasks in order to gain money to increase the prize fund. They also get a shield when completing certain tasks to gain immunity. It is a show of planning, intelligence, plotting, and winning using your wits. 

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