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    Who Is High King Gil-galad And How Did He Fail Sauron’s Plan To Dominate Middle Earth?

    Gil-galad was an Elven-king. Of him, the harpers sadly sing,” the ballad from ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ sings praises to the High King of Noldor who led the alliance of humans and elves against dark lord Sauron.

    High King Gil-galad was not just any king, he was the greatest of all the high kings of Noldor. He was the fourth and the last high king of Noldor for the entire second age of middle earth. He would lead his people with wisdom and courage. Not only seeing Sauron for who he was but personally fighting the dark lord in combat during the war of the last alliance. Let us embrace the Lord of the rings nerds in us and learn all about Gil-galad.

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    Who Is Gil-galad?

    High King of Noldor, Gil-glad
    High King of Noldor, Gil-glad

    Gil-galad’s birth name was actually Ereinion meaning ‘scion of kings’. His birth time is exactly unknown but it was in the late first age. But, we know that he was a child at the time of the dragon Bragollach – the battle of sudden flame in 455 of the first age. This devastating attack by the forces of Morgoth leads Gil-galad and his mother to travel to the heavens of Falas, where they could remain safe under the lordship of Cirdan.

    While we don’t know who his mother was, we know that his father is the “order of death”. Gil-galad was there through the rise and fall of Sauron, the rise and fall of Numenor, the forging and distribution of the rings, the creation of Gondor and Arnold, and much more.

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    How Did He Fail Sauron’s Plan?


    Sauron was a highly gifted Maiar. He was a student of Aulë and became skilled at crafting and making. He was named Marion. Sauron is said to be an aggressor who wants to conquer Middle-earth and bring all the people living in it under his domain. He and his followers wanted to wipe out the Elves, Hobbits, and Humans and replace them with Orcs.

    As “Gorthaur” he became the most trusted lieutenant of Morgoth, being reckoned as the greatest of his allies and servants in the Wars of Beleriand. Elendil and Gil-Galad faced Sauron in personal combat. The battle occurred on the slopes of Orodruin at the end of the second age. Elendil and Gil-galad were victorious and evil was defeated but not destroyed for it will rise once again. But Gil-galad was initially successful in suppressing the Sauron for a long period of time and gave Middle Earth centuries of peace and prosperity.

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