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    Why Did ‘Californication’ End With Season 7? Did The Show Get Cancelled?

    Californication‘ wasn’t your average dramedy. It dived headfirst into the dark underbelly of Los Angeles, exposing the hollowness that lurked behind the celebrity lifestyle. David Duchovny’s portrayal of Hank Moody, a troubled novelist drowning in writer’s block and destructive vices, was both captivating and cautionary.  

    With a hilariously brutal look into Hollywood, complex relationships, and witty dialogues, the show quickly became a fan favorite. So the show ending after 7 sevens left its fans wondering about the reason behind it. Here’s why season 7 was the show’s last.

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    Creators Of ‘Californication’ Planned To End The Show With Season 7

    A still from Californication
    A still from Californication

    Though many might believe that the decision to end ‘Californication‘ was sudden and abrupt, that is not the case. In December 2013, the Showtime, the production company behind the show, had already announced that season 7 would be the last one. This also gave creator Tom Kapinos and the writers a chance to craft a proper ending for the show’s characters. 

    While some fans might have preferred the show to run longer, the declining show ratings did not help. There are whispers that ratings might have played a role in the decision. While the show remained popular, it didn’t quite reach the heights of its earlier seasons. Consequently, it led Showtime to wrap things up before the show overstayed its welcome and became a disaster. 

    While some fans didn’t like that the show ended with season 7, a lot of fans are grateful that the writers had time to think of an end. A predetermined stopping point allowed for a more satisfying closure compared to a forced finale due to cancellation. All in all ‘Californication‘s ending in season 7 offered a chance for a proper send-off rather than an abrupt ending to characters.

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    ‘Californication’ Might Have Ended Due To Lack Story Narrative For Its Lead Hank

    A still from Californication
    A still from Californication

    Californication’ centered around the internal struggles and tumultuous relationships of its lead character Hank Moody, played by David Duchovny. His relationship, particularly with his on-and-off girlfriend Karen played by Natascha McElhone, had become redundant on the show.

    It is not surprising that after seven seasons of struggle with everything, writers found it hard to make Hank’s life even worse. Hank grappled with drug addiction, writer’s block, and the consequences of his impulsive behavior. Maybe the writers felt they had explored all the dramatic possibilities within this dynamic. 

    Moreover, by ending the show on a somewhat open-ended note, the show creators allowed viewers to imagine the future for the characters in their own ways. The show ends with Hank expressing his love for Karen and their daughter going to college.  

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