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    Why ‘Homeland’ Ended After Season 8? Was The Show Canceled?

    An American espionage thriller series, ‘Homeland‘ came to an end after eight successful seasons. This Showtime series was adapted from an Israeli series, ‘Prisoners of War’. The series exposes the brutal truth and workings of the government, CIA agents, and al-Qaeda to such an extent that it received numerous criticism and backslashes. ‘Homeland‘ was even called the most Islamaphobic show by Laila Al-Arain (journalist of Al-Jazeera Media Network) in an article for Salon.

    Directed by Alex Ganza the show revolves around a CIA agent who believes an American Marine, who was held captive by Al-Qaeda as a prisoner of war, has been turned by the enemy and now poses a significant risk to national security. The series initially began with a bang, with the first season winning the Primetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Drama Series. The first season also had an impressive 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. But unfortunately, the series went south by the end of season six with only 78% score. So, why did it actually come to an end?

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    Why Did ‘Homeland’ Come To An End After Eight Seasons?

    In an interview with Dateline, the showrunner Alex Ganza seemed to indicate that the series would be ending with the eighth season. He further said it is the right time to lay the series to rest. Ganza also teased the fans indicating that there might be a spin-off of ‘Homeland‘. But unfortunately, there are no further updates about it.

    The fourth and fifth seasons marked a much more crucial return for the spy drama as it shifted from Carrie and Brody’s problematic relationship to underground spy and political matters. Season six was dedicated to slowing things down in some ways. It changed the focus from international terrorist threats to what is the life of the Muslim community actually living inside of America. The season also tied the loose ends and cliffhangers of the previous two seasons. Seasons seven and eight returned with Carrie being involved in high-stakes, terrorist-focused missions.

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    What Happened In The Series Finale?

    Season eight marked the end of the beloved spy drama and all the loose ends were tied. But again it left few hints that Carrie and Brody might be back as a team. In an interview regarding the series finale of ‘Homeland‘, Alex Gansa said “We wanted to go out in a successful way. We obviously didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of some, you know, to be unnamed shows, that fell down and stumbled at the end.”

    In the season finale, Carrie stopped a nuclear war in the Middle East after betraying and nearly killing Saul. This savage action caused damages to Saul’s top Russian asset. But in the final moments, a time jump revealed the story of Carrie and Saul did not end there. CIA Carrie now lives in Russia with a Russian intelligence officer. Yet she also secretly sends Saul information from abroad, thus replacing the mole she betrayed.

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