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    Will Zach Braff Return For A ‘Scrubs’ Reboot?

    In 2022, the ‘Scrubs‘ cast came together for a reunion. The cast had a great time talking and reminiscing about their time on the show. The discussion revolved around the show’s impact on the medical community, the show’s ahead-of-its-time gags, and the close-knit community of actors on set. Zach Braff was also asked if he’ll consider doing a ‘Scrubs’ reboot.

    Created by Bill Lawrence, ‘Scrubs’ featured Zach Braff as John Dorian. He’s a fresh-faced intern on his way to becoming a doctor. We follow his journey through surreal thoughts and inner monologues as he learns to become the best physician at Sacred Heart Hospital. Will Zach Braff agree to come back again? Keep reading to know the answer.

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    Is There Going To Be A ‘Scrub’ Reboot With Zach Braff?

    Zach Braff as John ‘J.D.’ Dorian on ‘Scrubs’

    To everyone’s relief, Zach Braff and the rest of the cast are more than ready for the ‘Scrubs’ reboot. Everyone is on board, given that the reboot will be Bill Lawrence’s brainchild. “Every time we speak to a reporter, we get this question,” Braff replied. “There are no plans. We all want to do it in some capacity, whether it’s a movie or a limited series or something. It’s just that we can’t do it without the king of all-things Scrubs, Bill Lawrence.

    Zach Braff went on from starring in ‘Scrubs’ to being an acclaimed filmmaker with ‘Garden State’. Currently, he and Donald Faison host a ‘Scrubs’ podcast ‘Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald’. It’s obvious how much the show means to Braff and the rest of the cast. Judging from their togetherness, they will drop everything at the drop of the hat when these brand news scripts come through!

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    Will Bill Lawrence Bring Back ‘Scrubs’ Again?

    Bill Lawrence’s ‘Scrubs’ reboot will have to wait

    It’s obvious how much the show means to the cast. Even Lawrence confirmed this at the reunion, saying a reunion of sorts might be on the cards soon. But with the amount of work Bill Lawrence is doing, it is better to manage expectations.

    Lawrence gave Apple TV+ its biggest success with Ted Lasso. It earned him a significant chunk of change with the streamer and a significant development deal with Apple TV+. Recently, he debuted his new comedy series ‘Shrinking’ on Apple TV+. Co-created with Brett Goldstein, it stars Jason Segel and Harrison Ford in pivotal roles. So ultimately, the question for the ‘Scrubs’ reboot is a matter of when more than how. 

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