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    ‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2: What Is The Meaning Of Misty’s Vision?

    The queen bee finally finds her hive in ‘Yellowjackets.’ In a full circle moment, the adult surviving members of the group look at Lottie. She, who’s having problems, divides the group for activities while she tries to hold on to her mind.

    Meanwhile, in the past timeline, the group looks for Crystal as soon as the weather clears. Coach Ben continues to lose her sense of reality. Shauna is still haunted by the nightmare of having her child eaten, convinced she’s being lied to all along.

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    ‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2: Misty Has An Epiphany

    Misty and Shauna on 'Yellowjackets'
    Misty and Shauna on ‘Yellowjackets’

    Reunited at last, Shauna, Taissa, Van, Natalie, and Misty undertake various therapies to clear their minds. After her reservations, Misty finally gets into the isolation tank. As she submerges, her mind enters an altered state where the present and past have an ugly collision. In the floating state, her mind helps her understand if she’s a murderer or does she cares too much. 

    Misty constantly sees Walter in her visions, finally understanding his love and appreciation for him. But the strangest psychedelic imagery we see is of Misty’s parrot Caligula in fabulous human form (an arresting cameo from John Mitchell Cameron). True to its nature, it only repeats to its owner what Misty’s already thinking. Yes, Misty’s still delusional, but she knows she loves Walter, played by Elijah Wood. This is her chance to find happiness. 

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    Misty Is Hiding The Truth About Crystal

    During the flashback, Misty keeps her secret from the group
    During the flashback, Misty keeps her secret from the group

    Still grieving the loss of her newborn, Shauna buries him with her best friend, Jackie. When the snow finally clears, the Yellowjackets sets out on a rescue mission for Crystal as Misty still maintains innocence. Misty goes to the place Crystal fell, only to find the body to be missing. She also walks into Coach Ben’s suicide attempt, talking him off the cliff. Despite being considered a stone-cold killer, Misty seems to have remorse over what she did.

    You can argue she did it out of survival and shame. It doesn’t right her wrongs, but there is a high chance of the group making her their dinner if her secret comes out. Still finding the dream too hard not to be true, Shauna lashes out at Misty. She accuses everyone of eating her newborn. Torn by Shauna’s pain, Lottie gives her an open shot at her. It’s an offer Shauna takes quickly, beating Lottie senselessly until she gets it out of her system.

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