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    People Celebrate ‘The Power Of Pizza’ As Man Uses It To Stop A Street Fight: Viral

    Brawls on the streets are quite common. When such an incident happens, there are two things people usually do – get away from the scene as fast as possible, and then there’s what the majority does – gather around and watch. Honestly, who wants to jump in the middle in that situation? But when such a street fight happened in West Hollywood, a brave soul broke up the brawling men with a powerful and unconventional weapon – pizza.

    Well, the fight took place outside a pizzeria and a CCTV camera captured the entire incident in which a street fight broke out, only to calm down because of a pizza. The old video has gone viral on the Internet again.

    The video was uploaded on YouTube by Vito Iacopelli

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    Pizza Brings Peace To Brawling Men In Viral Video

    Prova Pizzeria’s owner and chef Vito Iacopelli saw two men break out into a street fight from his patio. He tried to calm them down and then something magical happened. The two men stood up, ate some pizza slices from the box he had in his hand, and actually stopped throwing punches. Quite unbelievable, isn’t it? The video garnered millions of views on YouTube and went viral in no time. It’s doing the rounds on social media once more.

    Well, the lesson is that the next time you think of stopping a fight, try a fresh, hot pizza as the solution. Going by the video, it is quite miraculous.

    “Make Pizza, Not War”, Says The Internet

    Social media users were baffled and happy to see the video. While some reiterated the “Don’t underestimate the power of pizza”, others called the guy the real hero in the situation and tagged him as ‘Pizza Man’. A Twitter user wrote, “Ah I get it. Make Pizza not war.”

    One comment read, “Wow! Pizza really does solve everything!”

    Another person wrote, “Damn….and I thought he was gonna use the pizza as a weapon at first.”

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