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    Watch: Selena Gomez’s Shocked Reaction To Messi Missing The Goal Is Winning Over Internet

    On Sunday, Selena Gomez was spotted watching Los Angeles FC (LAFC) play against Inter Miami in Major League Soccer in the United States. Lionel Messi gave out fantastic energy and won the hearts of everyone, everywhere. Inter Miami defeated the local team 3-1, thanks to Messi.

    Here’s how Selena Gomez reacted to Messi’s game and why it’s winning the hearts of everyone.

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    Selena Gomez’s Reaction To Messi Missing The Goal

    Gomez at Messi’s game

    Jordi Alba and Leonardo Campana both scored goals in the 51st and 83rd minutes thanks to assists from Messi in the second half. Alba sprinted to grab an impressive ball from Messi that was directed towards the LAFC goal, where he eventually scored. Later, Messi took advantage of an LAFC player’s botched pass and cruised with the ball before handing it to Campana, who scored the goal with ease.

    Gomez fangirled over seeing Messi put on an incredible display during the game. On social media, her ‘jaw-dropping’ response to Messi’s incredible performance for his team went viral.

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    What Message Did Gomez Leave For Messi

    Selena Gomez

    Gomez’s interaction grabbed attention because the ‘Single Soon‘ singer had an incredibly relatable reaction to seeing the keeper for LAFC actually block one of Messi’s shots. X soon flooded with people reposting Gomez’s reactions and calling them relatable. Post-match, a fan walked up to her and asked her if there was anything she wanted to say to Messi, to which she replied, “Te amo mucho” (I love you very much) in Spanish.

    Fans loved her reaction and applauded her for supporting Messi.

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