Dwayne Johnson Rounding Up DCU Rejects To Start His Own Franchise?


Fans of the DC Universe had been speculating if Dwayne Johnson made the right decision by not appearing for the 'Shazam!' cameo.

However, the very latest trailer of the new Shazam installment has verified The Rock's decision. 

The immaturity in the DC trailer has disappointed fans and do not pity The Rock's exit from the 'Black Adam' franchise. 

And when God closes a door he opens a window. Dwayne is reported to assemble a team of rejected superheroes by the newly appointed DC chairs James Gunn and  Peter Safran. 

Dwyane is true to his profile and past is apparently rebelling against the multi-billionaire DC Universe. 

Among these recruits are Henry Cavill who was recently removed from the Superman role and J.K Simpsons who played the Commissioner Jim Gordan in Justice League.

Dwyane was focusing on actors who were rejected by DC or their role was not done justice in the film. 

Dwyane Johnson is gearing up for a new franchise of his own. 'Red One' is the upcoming project of the 'Fast and Furious' actor.

The film will be an action-comedy and will be released on Amazon Prime Videos.