The Last Of Us: All Types Of Infected Explained


The Last of Us recently premiered on HBO Max and it became one of the most popular shows that are available on the streaming platform.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the show is about a global pandemic and features six different stages of being infected by the fungus.

The first type is Runner where a person gets infected in two days of contracting the disease and become a Runner, who can move quickly.

The second is Stalkers and they are equally fast like the Runners but can attach themselves to walls to allow the fungus to fester until an unsuspecting victim walks past them.

The third is Clickers where they become blind and use echolocation to find their victims. However, they also become stronger at this stage.

The fourth is Bloaters who become strong and hard to be found. They have thick layers of fungus which works as a kind of body armor.

The fifth is Shamblers who are infected for many years and can survive in water. If defeated, they can explode and release fungus toxin in the air.

The last is Rat King which is a mixture of the first three. They take 25 years to develop and are the strongest among all.