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    ‘Black Clover’: What Are Grimoires? How Did Asta Get The Five-Leaf Grimoire?

    In the anime series ‘Black Clover,’ Asta a kid from the orphanage is shown to have been born without any magic powers. Usually, in their universe, a child develops magical abilities after a certain age, and by the time of 15, they get to choose their own grimoires. Asta being an exception finds himself a rival by the name of Yuno, who is also a boy from the orphanage.

    Both attend their grimoire ceremonies, but unsettlingly enough, no grimoire chooses Asta due to a lack of magical qualities. The story progresses as the protagonist refuses to give in to fate and strives to design his own path. Both young boys join guilds of their own to become stronger and be a part of the royal knights. 

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    What are Grimoires?

    Black Clover: Clover Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony
    Black Clover: Clover Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony

    Grimoires are magical books n ‘Black Clover’. They have their own personality and choose their owner accordingly. While there are only four leaf types of grimoires in their world, Asta becomes the only one to receive a five-leaf clovered grimoire. When a child turns 15, they attend the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony to choose their grimoire.

    Three leaves grimoires are the most common, four-leafs are powerful yet uncommon, but five-leaf-covered books are rarer even in their world. As the owner of their book gets stronger and matures, the book along with them gets nourished. Each page of the grimoire is filled with new spells as their owner learns more about them.

    There are nine types of Grimoires shown in ‘Black Clover,‘ Five-Leaf Grimore (Asta), Four-Leaf or Star Magic Grimoire (Yuno), Mars Grimoire, Game Magic Grimoire, Time Magic Grimoire, Kotodama Magic Grimoire, Shadow Magic Grimoire, Scale Magic Grimoire, and Light Magic Grimoire.

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    How Did Asta Get The Five-Leaf Grimoire?

    Black Clover: Asta
    Black Clover: Asta

    Asta is a magicless kid. While his rival Yuno is loved by mana, Asta is an orphanage kid who was rejected by nature. When the Grimoire selection ceremony was taking place, the Four Leaf Grimoire (the grimoire used by the Wizard King), chose Yuno as his master. Asta didn’t get any grimoire due to a lack of magical capability. Surprisingly fate had another role fixed only for him. 

    He got chosen by the Five Leaf Grimoire which at first appeared to be a devil’s grimoire. It is more like the Grimoire chose Asta instead of going the other way around. He who is mana-less uses the magic of the Five Leaf Grimoire, starting his own journey. Asta’s grimoire holds the power of Anti-Magic. Isn’t it perfect for a magicless kid? Though at first, Asta is looked down upon for his messy grimoire, he later becomes one of the strongest characters in the series.

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