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    ‘Fairy Tail’: What Was The Meaning Behind The Guild Name Crime Sorciere? Who Were Its Members?

    The world of ‘Fairy Tail’ is surrounded by guilds, registered or not. The guilds make up of powerful mages who protect the society from evil clutches. At first, there were two categories of guilds. The guilds were approved by the council, and the guilds were not approved by them. 

    Those guilds that fell under the latter category were known as ‘dark guilds’. As the series goes on, many new guilds emerged while some dark guilds fell under Fairy Tail. After the major time skip in the series, a new category of guild emerged. The independent guild. This guild was not under the control of the council and worked on its own accord – the Crime Sorciere.

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    What Is The Meaning Of Crime Sorciere?

    Fairy Tail: Crime Sorciere Guild
    Fairy Tail: Crime Sorciere Guild

    The meaning of the word ‘Crime Sorciere’ is to never forget one’s crime and live their life atoning for their sins. This guild was founded by previous criminals of society who hurt many people with their schemes. Through this guild, the group wanted to make up for their mistakes upon realization, and compensate as much as they can.

    It’s an independent guild, seeking redemption for its past crime and atrocities. As they themselves were associated with dark guilds, they knew very well how much torture the civilians had to face under them. They made their primary goal to destroy all dark guilds and their influences on people, including the interference of the legendary dark magic user Zeref.

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    Who were its members?

    Fairy Tail: Crime Sorciere Guild
    Fairy Tail: Crime Sorciere Guild

    Jellal Fernandes was the founder of Crime Sorciere. He was under the false influence of Zeref and under the direct control of Ultear. Ultear used him to find her way to Zeref but was ultimately defeated by Fairy Tail. Zeref was captured by the council, but Ultear upon realization of her sins freed him from his captivity.

    Apart from Jellal, Ultear, and Meredy are the core members of the group. Meredy’s hometown was also ransacked by Ultear’s exploits, but later Ultear brought up Meredy earning her love and respect. Unfortunately, during the Grand Magic Games arc, Ultear used hyped magic and lost more than half of her life due to it.

    She came close to dying and left the guild on her own accord. Ultear didn’t want anyone to find her after that and left the city. Jellal, and Meredy, later freed other criminals from the council’s clutches and made them join the guild. The guild grew along with its members and became a strong guild recognized for its powers.

    The newest members were part of the Oracion Seis, Richard Buchanan, Erik, Macbeth, Sawyer, and Sorano. Just like Jellal, the Oracion Seis group also lost in a fight against the guilds Fairy Tail, Cait Shelter, Lamia Scale, and Blue Pegasus. Considering who the members of the Crime Sorciere are, it’s no wonder they are so powerful.

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