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    ‘Fairy Tail’: How Was Zeref Able To Become King Of A Country Despite His Curse

    Fairy Tail’ houses not only magic, dragons, adventures, and mysteries, but also the antagonists of the world itself rejects. Zeref is one of the antagonists, the other being the dragon Acnologia. He is the final boss of the series. Just like its name, one will never feel bored watching this anime. It has the power to call upon all of your emotions.

    Zeref Dragneel, the older brother of Natsu Dragneel is one hell of an antagonist. Though while looking at his actions, you’ll be confused about whether he is an evil being or a good one. Now we all know Natsu’s character, so it’s no doubt we see some resemblance of him in Zeref, despite the evil image he tries to project.

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    Was Zeref A King Of A Country?

    Fairy Tail: Zeref Dragneel
    Fairy Tail: Zeref Dragneel

    No one would have ever guessed that Zeref Dragneel would lead a country that exceeds the power of the Kingdon of Fiore. He crowned himself the Emperor of the Alvarez Empire and continuously posed a great threat to the Fairy Tail guild. Considering his connection to Mavis, the founding master of the very guild, Zeref no doubt attacked the guild with all its might.

    He wanted to retrieve the body of Mavis and use it for his own purpose. Regardless of his ambition, I don’t think anyone would have thought he’ll rule a country despite his cursed fate. Not only that, we have seen him wander the empty lands and even stop at Tenrou Island quite a few times. He was never shown walking or acting like an Emperor. Excellent plot twist by Hiro Mashima.

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    How Did His Curse Not Activate While Acting As A King?

    Fairy Tail: Zeref Dragneel
    Fairy Tail: Zeref Dragneel

    The reason exposed in the series made the nature of Zeref’s curse further clear to us. Zeref found black magic as he was trying to resurrect his dead brother. As his actions were against nature, he was cursed with the Curse of Contradiction. The curse’s nature made him immortal but pushed a way worse fate than death.

    The more he fell in love with anything – be it mortal or immortal, they will die right in front of his eyes. No matter how much he wanted to be with someone, he was left alone in the world for thousands of years. Moreover, no living being can approach him as they’ll wither instantly. This very incident happened the first time he was introduced at Tenrou island.

    Now the main question arrives, how did he rule a country then? Zeref never thought of his country’s people as humans. He thought of them as chess pieces. The same logic was applied to his subordinates. Since showing emotion can activate the curse, he shut off all his emotions altogether. This is kind of sad actually, but the things he does after it won’t make you sympathetic to him at all.

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    Kaushani Chatterjee
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