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    What Is Natsu’s Relationship With Zeref in ‘Fairy Tail’?

    Just as the name suggests, ‘Fairy Tail’ designs a world full of adventure, friendship, relations, mysteries, and action. The world is thriving with magic where dragons, guild members, and dark guilds all live together. Natsu Dragneel the main protagonist of the story, searches for his dragon dad but ends up getting entangled in a twisted plot where his very identity is put into question.

    Natsu Dragneel believes that his only family members are the guild members and his dad. During a particular incident, he is faced with a person claiming to be his brother, who also appears as the story’s main villain. Both are completely on opposite sides of the coin, with only their bloodline being true to one another.

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    Natsu Dragneel and Zeref Dragneel In Fairy Tail

    Natsu and Zeref Dragneel
    Natsu and Zeref Dragneel

    Natsu and Zeref’s first meeting wasn’t a pleasant one. While Zeref was happy to see his brother after thousands of years, Natsu on the other hand couldn’t recognize him, and even attempted to attack him. Unintentionally, due to Zeref’s curse magic, he hurt some of the Fairy Tail guild members, enraging Natsu in the process.

    It was way later in the series that Zeref came forward and told Natsu that he is his younger brother, a Dragneel. Traveling back to the era when dragons roamed the world, a family of four happily lived together. After dragons attacked and killed Zeref’s family, he couldn’t let go of his younger brother. He loved Natsu a lot and refused to accept his death.

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    The Birth Of E.N.D

    Natsu and Zeref Dragneel
    Natsu and Zeref Dragneel

    Zeref tried to resurrect Natsu through the use of dark magic, but in turn, was cursed and rejected by the world. From that point on, he couldn’t kill himself, and no living being could come near him. It was known as the Ankhseram’s curse. They created demons in the hope they’ll have the power to kill him, but all was in vain.

    He later created his most powerful demon and planted it inside Natsu, resurrecting him as E.N.D. Unaware of the whole fact, he was given to the fire dragon Igneel and was tasked to raise him on Zeref’s behalf. He hoped Natsu would be able to kill him one day. Though he loved him, Natsu was also tasked with killing Zeref

    This was a very contradictory twisted relationship between the two. I’ll keep how everything unfolded, a secret since it’ll be a mood-killer for you all. If you want to know the whole story, watch the series, as its fast-developing plot lines will keep you on your seats for a long time.

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