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    ‘Fairy Tail’: What Is The Book Of Zeref?

    Fairy Tail’ tells the tale of powerful mages fighting for what they believe to be true. In a world where evil often rules, the real mastermind may just be lurking beneath the shadows. While the victory is celebrated at the end of the war, the undeniably good plot twists made the series stray far from its cute name.

    Natsu is the protagonist of the series who as all expects is the ultimate OP. Unfortunately, things take a different form when the origins of the dragon slayers are further revealed. What the fans many have thought of as a blessing, comes to haunt them later on. Standing in front of the Fairy Tail guild is Zeref, the legendary black magician and the antagonist of the story.

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    Is Book Of Zeref The Root Of Evil?

    Fairy Tail: Zeref
    Fairy Tail: Zeref

    Well, to say that would be a bit fetched. Zeref, full name Zeref Dragneel, was never an evil character, to begin with. Circumstances turned him into one as he was forced with a curse of immortality and rejection. He cannot approach any living beings as they die instantly, and vice versa. The more emotions and attachment he shows, the more painful his beloved one’s death would be.

    To end this ever-lasting torment, Zeref creates powerful demons in hopes that they can finally put him to eternal rest. As one can expect, that doesn’t happen. The creator’s magic stands far stronger than his creations. In this process of creating and sealing demons, he brings life to powerful and heinous demons, unleashing them into the world.

    Each demon is thus sealed in a book. This collection of demonic books is known as The Book Of Zeref. Zeref’s favorite possession is the Book of E.N.D. If these books get into the wrong hands they can cause irreversible damage. The very first book we come across in the series is the Lullaby, followed by Deliora, Tartaros, E.N.D., etc.

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    Why Is The Book Of E.N.D Zeref’s Favorite?

    Fairy Tail: Zeref
    Fairy Tail: Zeref

    The Book of E.N.D contains Zeref’s ultimate demon. He’s the most precious and powerful demon that can end Zeref. For a while, Tartaros was in charge of the book, but later on, Zeref takes it back, killing him in the process. E.N.D is none other than Zeref’s younger brother who along with his family died in a dragon’s attack.

    Unable to accept his brother’s death he started learning black magic. The nature of magic later cursed him into his present state to try to resurrect the dead. His brother couldn’t regain life even after his desperate struggles. Finally, Zeref resurrected him through the use of demonic magic and sealing his powers in the Book Of E.N.D.

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